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5 Social Media Posting Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

On April 29, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter
5 Social Media Posting Mistakes Dawn Larsen

If you’re wondering why you’re not getting a lot of engagement on your social media, one of these 5 Social Media Posting Mistakes is likely the culprit. Read this article to learn about these 5 social media posting mistakes and how you can avoid them so that you can really optimize your social media.

  1. Remember Your Website URL in Every Social Media Post.

  2. Include a Disruptive, Eye-Catching Image.

  3. Make Your Social Media Posts About Your Customer More Than You, Educate then Sell.

  4. Have a Clear Call to Action on Every Post.

  5. Post Several Times a Day at Peak Times to Maximize Reach.


Social Media Posting Mistake #1: Not Including Your Website URL

social media posting mistake #1 make sure to always include website url

Social Media Profiles are tools to get your prospects and your customers to know, like, trust you and share your information. However, remember the ultimate goal is to get them to your Website. Do this by including the URL of the webpage where prospects can learn more. Social Media is only one element in getting out information about your business. When you drive potential customers to your properly designed website, they learn so much more about you. Also, it’s important that the page you’re driving them to is relevant. For example, if you’re posting about Ford Trucks, include a link to the truck section on your website.

In your website analytics, you can then measure how effective your posts are at getting people to your website. Every post you make on social media should have a URL to your website on it.

Social Media Posting Mistake #2- Not Using Images

Your prospects are scrolling through posts from thousands of connections and other businesses. How are you going to catch their attention? Making sure you use a compelling, disruptive image in your social media posts is important. In fact, using images in social media posts increases post engagement by 93%!

The image you use should help convey the information you’re trying to get across on your social media post. However, you don’t want to have that image littered with sales messages. You want the images on your social media posts to appear native, meaning they look like they belong there. As soon as we see something that looks like a sales message, we disconnect from it.

Every post you make on social media should have an image on it.

Social Media Posting Mistake #3: Not Making Your Posts About Your Customers

Too many businesses make their posts all about them. People get tired of that on social media (or anywhere else really!). Your prospects want to get to know you as a business owner. Potential customers want to know, like, and trust you. Then they are much more likely to use your services.

It’s really important that you minimize the sales messages on social media and that you make your post more about your prospect and customer and less about your company. You’ll see that it will pay off in tenfold because they get to know you and understand the services that you offer. They get to see the people you help. If focus your social media posts more on your customer, when you make an offer to them to buy or opt into something that you are promoting, they are much more interested in doing so.

There are lots of ways to make sure your posts aren’t all about you. Navigator Marketing recommends with our customers making four educational posts before a sales post. Educational posts about your industry and your customer.

For example, one of our customers sells camping products. We don’t always talk about the frying pans and the barbecues. We give our followers recipes on how to make bread on a barbecue or how to make better steaks. Then, we put the URL in the post linking them back to their website to get the full recipe. We’re helping our prospects and customers learn more about cooking while camping. We’re also selling the camping lifestyle and making it easier for people to use our products and services.

When you find out what your customer’s challenges are and you use your social media to your advantage to help your consumer learn some different things, they’re more apt to listen to your sales pitch.

Social Media Posting Mistake #4: Not Including a Call to Action

Want people to take action after seeing your social media posts? Tell them! Every social media post you create should have a clear call to action. This could be a URL to your website or to opt into something so that they’re signing up and subscribing to your e-mail list to get more information. It’s important to make sure you don’t lose the people you’ve connected with. This is also important in building your database. You’ll see a big difference in people taking action once you tell them to.

Social Media Posting Mistake #5: Not Posting Enough

Remember only 2% of your followers will see your post. You want to make sure that you’re posting several times throughout the day at your peak times so that more people see it. It’s easy to find out your businesses peak times by going into the analytics on your social media profiles. Generally, 7:30-8:00 in the morning when people are preparing for work, 12:00-13:00 during lunch hour and then again around 19:30-21:00.

We encourage businesses to post three to five times a day. Change up the starting wording and/or image each time you do and see what performs best.

One of the tools we use is a software that allows us to schedule our post multiple times throughout all our social media profiles. We’ve put together a Tip Sheet with the Top 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools:

Download Tip Sheet

About the Author - Dawn Larsen

dawnAs the Director of Business, Internet & Social Media marketing, Dawn leads all consulting, marketing strategy and creative projects for Navigator marketing & Business Solutions. Dawn is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in custom WordPress web design, corporate marketing strategy and graphic design for business.

A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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