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5 Powerful Employee Orientation & Onboarding Tips to Improve Your Company Culture

On January 4, 2017    /    Business, News

Developing your company’s employee orientation and onboarding process can seem like a daunting task but it really doesn’t have to be. Our team has helped so many small, medium and large company’s layout the process for their onboarding and employee orientation – that we’ve come up with these 5 tips to help you keep it simple and impactful.

Employee Onboarding has a few main elements; about the company, the job expectations, health and safety, HR policies and procedures, as well as the products and services – just to name a few! Some important elements that some companies fail to include are; a personalized video welcome from the CEO’s, video training on products/services, expectations for innovation, teamwork, customer service and problem solving.

I strongly encourage the companies I work with to integrate video into most elements of their onboarding process. Video allows the company to offer the same consistent message to new employees – no matter where they are or what device they are using. Many companies that we work with have told us that this process really has worked for them and that they really do see a difference in their new employees; knowing the story of the company and knowing about the new products and services that the company sells. That really shows us how a strategic onboarding process truly does impact your employees’ behaviors.

Every member of your team is a potential salesperson for your company. Therefore, it is important to begin educating your employees on your company values, standards, expectations, products and services the moment you choose to employ them. This shows that a systematized video sequence for the onboarding process really does help to ensure that you got all those key elements communicated to your new employees effectively.


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1. Incorporate a video message from the CEO’s.

I’ve talked a little bit about it but it’s really important that CEOs love this opportunity. Besides giving a warm welcome to new employees, it covers the why the business was started, how it was started and it lays the foundation for the culture of the business for the new employee. And it actually gives them access to that CEO who may or may not be involved in the on boarding process or even be located in the same office as that new employee.

2. Incorporate education on your company’s products.

Knowing every employee is a potential sales person for your company, you want to ensure you include key information on your company’s products and services. Creating video modules will allow you to organize the information so you don’t have to have it all in one video. As your company grows or you expand your products offerings, you can then add a video to that series previously created. This is a really easy way to scale that education, and even refer your current employee’s to new education videos available.

3. Create a customized on boarding video modules.

We encourage that businesses have more than one on boarding video module catering to the unique expectations of each department. Examples: One for in- office staff. One for their technical staff, one for front end staff, and One for Management. This allows you to have customized messages, customized expectations and customized information for each of those areas which is so simple to do! It doesn’t have to be long but that slight customization really helps deliver the message to those new employees.

4. Set the expectations for your company.

This is a great place to lay the culture of your company, to lay the ideas to encourage people and inspire them to be innovative, to be strong communicators, to be team players and to be problem solvers and so this is where all of that information can come across. Having a consistent video format ensures that it’s powerful, impactful and gets your full message across in a short amount of time.

5. Automate and systematize most of the on boarding process.

It is always important to have an in-person introduction, welcoming your new employees to your company. It is also important to free up your staff to be productive. These on-boarding video modules allow the employee to go through the on boarding process at their own pace. It’s tracked. It’s monitored and you know when they’ve completed every step of their on-boarding training.

Bonus Tip.

6. Include your marketing team or a marketing agency in your on boarding process.

It’s really important. This is not just an HR or a health and safety process. This is an internal marketing campaign to motivate and influence the behaviour and engagement of your new employees and get more out of each employee. Just like we would do with a prospect or a customer was influencing their attitudes and their behaviours about your company, your products and services. And so that’s a very very important element where you get that marketing message and it’s delivered with the right words in the right way to really have an impact on that new employee.

Implementing these 5 tips in your on-boarding process will dramatically, increase motivation, productivity and consistency with your new and current employees. Navigator Marketing offers experience creating systematic on-boarding processes for a variety of industries including but not limited to; industrial, commercial, mining, auto, as well as the health & wellness industry.

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Much Success with your on boarding.

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