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5 Tips to Secure Your Website Social Media and Online Profile

On March 19, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, News, Social Media
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Navigator Marketing often sees many panicking business managers coming into our office because they’ve lost access to some online account. Whether it’s because they can’t find their username and password, are unsure where their site is hosted or they can’t get into social media profiles with their business name on it – this is a BIG deal. A staff member may have left or they used a “basement programmer”/friend. Be wary when someone says “Yeah, I can do this for you for really low cost”, because this is their hobby – not their profession. We can’t believe the damage that happens to companies as a result of losing access to their website or their domain name and, as a business owner, you should be concerned. Watch the video or read along.

1. Secure Your Website: Register in your Business Name and Make Sure Key Stakeholder Receive Renewal Notifications

Business owners are busy so we often get our staff to set up accounts for us. However, what happens if that when that staff moves on or gets terminated? If you don’t receive your website renewal notifications or aren’t even able to access your account to renew it – this is a big problem. It can be difficult to regain access to these accounts once that staff member is gone. You risk someone else buying your domain if you miss the renewal (every 5 years or so) or having to get a totally different web address.

Navigator had a client come to us who had this problem. The guy who set up their site, a friend of a friend (big red flag!), was the only person registered on the account. Well… He ended up in jail overseas! They ended up having to change from .com to .ca (they were fortunate that was available), very costly and complicated since you then need to change marketing materials and backend integrations. Listen to me talk about this at 11:00 in the video. This demonstrates the importance of making sure you have control of one of your companies most important assets. When your Marketing Team purchases domains (your website address), make sure the business owner is the one registered for it. In addition, make sure a few key people at the business get the notification for renewal so it’s not missed. This is an important step to take when securing your website.

2. Don’t Lose Access To Your Social Media Profiles

Oftentimes, business owners say something along the lines of “I don’t want to be on Facebook. I don’t know anything about that.” However, you SHOULD be at least connected to your business’ online profiles. You don’t need to be active on Facebook but you should be listed as an admin on your pages so you know how to log in if needed. This is something often overlooked, but we have heard so many horror stories about business’ losing access to profiles with many followers and being unable to get back into them. Facebook and other social media sites allow you to set permissions (e.g. editor, analyst, admin), so staff only have access to what they need to have access to. Remember, you are the business owner and staff may leave – you must have control of your online presence.

3. Secure Your Online Presence with an Online Asset Inventory

Navigator Marketing does this for all our clients and if you don’t have one you should. An online asset inventory is a listing of all your online accounts with login credentials – an inventory list of your digital presence. This confidential document includes any website that has your business name on it. Think things like your content management system, LinkedIn, Constant Contact and other online tools. Begin by putting in the login page URL then username and password. This is simple to do but way too often overlooked by small and big businesses alike.

4. Store Information Securely and Have a Contingency Plan

Having an online asset inventory that accounts for your entire online presence is great – but not if you can’t find it. Business managers travel a lot so it needs to be somewhere safe that can be accessed when needed. In the event that you can’t access it, it’s a good idea to have a few key stakeholders who know where to access it and log in.

5. Establish Internal Controls for Creating & Securing Online Accounts

Navigator Marketing encourages business owners to create a policy that all staff follow while creating accounts. We find a short explainer video in your staff training that shows how to create the account and properly list it in the online asset inventory works well. It’s important to make sure this is verified and updated whenever logins change to make sure your accounts are secure and accessible.
I can’t stress enough how important these 5 tips are in securing your website, online accounts and social media presence. If you have any questions, reach out to me at 705 918 2090. Much success in your business and remember to protect your online identity.

About the Author - Dawn Larsen

dawnAs the Director of Business, Internet & Social Media marketing, Dawn leads all consulting, marketing strategy and creative projects for Navigator marketing & Business Solutions. Dawn is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in custom WordPress web design, corporate marketing strategy and graphic design for business.

A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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