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8 Critical Web Designer Questions to Ask Your Vendor Before You Hire Them

On December 3, 2015    /    Business, Web Design
8 Critical Web Designer Questions to Ask Your Vendor Before You Hire Them

Your website is the single most important marketing element for your business. If designed and strategized properly, your website sells for you, even when you are awake. It is the first impression your potential customers and sales prospects get from your business.

When deciding to hire a website design company, looking at a web developer’s portfolio doesn’t guarantee they will provide you high-quality, professional web design work. Ask these critical web designer questions to make sure you hire the best website design company for your business.

1. Let’s See Your Web Design Portfolio

A web design company portfolio won’t tell you everything but it is important to look at. Ask for additional sites other than what is on their website. Find out what content management system (CMS) and software the web company uses. Ask additional while you are reviewing the websites, such as how long it took to develop the site, and how much was done in-house.

  • look for variety
  • look for different functions
  • look for top 5 important elements on a website
  • look for quality website content

2. Show me Your Web Design Testimonials

A reputable website design company should be able to provide lots of positive testimonials if they have worked a lot in the industry and have happy customers. If your potential can’t provide these testimonials, you might want to reconsider using that company.

3. What Web Design Self-Development does your Team Adhere to?

SEO, web design and programming is always being updated and upgraded, so constant  self-development and training should be happening with any knowledgeable website design company. Ask your potential hire what courses and training they last enrolled in and make sure it was from a reliable training company.

4. Do you use Templates or Custom Design Everything?

Template sites have potential programming bugs so be cautious when using a template site. Website designers who program custom sites are better and there is less risk of errors and website crashes.

Benefits of a custom designed website:

  • unique design
  • programmed to be mobile-friendly
  • SEO is incorporated into the site – search engine friendly
  • programming is error-free

5. What Web Design Program Language do you Work with?

 WordPress is the best CMS system you can use and it is also an easy system to update yourself. Make sure that the web designer runs your website through programming checkers to ensure your website is error-free.

6. Do you have a Web Design Process and Checklists in Place?

Choose a website company that has the proper procedures and organizational items implemented. Also find out how the company provides communication and if they are easy to contact. Does the potential company communicate via email, by phone or online with Skype?

It’s important to ask if there’s a dedicated project manager taking the lead or if you’ll be speaking directly to a designer or programmer. It’s recommended to speak with a project manager because they can speak the ‘language’ with the designers and helps to speed up the process.

Another important thing to know is how you will be sharing documents. Do they have a Dropbox folder set up specifically for you? Do they provide you with key documents to start the web design process? Do they provide you with a thorough contract?

These are all important items to know. Once you decide on your potential web company, decide on the design, and the process starts, what happens after that? It’s important to know if there is a process for the project and if you are able to provide input once the website is developed. A reputable web design company will have a process set up and once the website is designed will provide you time to review and then make any necessary edits and revisions to the site, before launching the site. Ask if additional costs are charged for additional edits.

7. Do you offer Web Design Training?

 Websites built on a content management system such as WordPress are easy to learn and update yourself. Does the web company offer training so that you can learn how to update the site, or do you need to contact them each time you need something revised?It is beneficial to have the option to update your website on your own, but make sure you understand how to do this. Some web companies will offer ongoing monthly updates at a cost, so if you aren’t particularly interested in learning how to update your site, or dedicate the time necessary, consider asking about monthly website maintenance package available.

8. Who Owns my Web Design and my Company Domain when it’s done?

We hear this far too many times from businesses “my website company won’t give me access to my site”. Yikes! You pay for your website and should always have access. Ask your potential developer if they give you access to your online assets because this should be provided to you.

Ask these critical questions when deciding on a website design company to ensure you fully understand the company, what they provide, and the scope of work. Don’t be shy to ask more questions. A good web designer will take the time to provide you with any relevant information and assure you that you’re choosing the best firm for your web design needs.

About the Author - Dawn Larsen

dawnAs the Director of Business, Internet & Social Media marketing, Dawn leads all consulting, marketing strategy and creative projects for Navigator marketing & Business Solutions. Dawn is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in custom WordPress web design, corporate marketing strategy and graphic design for business.

A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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