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Add Captions/Subtitles to Video Easily using QuiCC

On June 21, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, News, Social Media

How to Easily Add Captions/Subtitles to Videos

Subtitles are a powerful way to attract viewers and get your message across to your viewers. Adding subtitles to video is important. In this Tech Talk feature, I’m going to share with you the easiest way to add them to your videos in just minutes using a tool called QuiCC.

Why are Captions/Subtitles Important for Video?

Adding subtitles to videos make them easier to watch. Videos are often watched with the sound off. They could be watching in a place where sound would be inappropriate. Videos on social media are played without sound by default and 85% don’t turn sound on. Furthermore, 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss.

Video is more engaging, more memorable and allows you to convey your brand’s message much better than a static post (an image). Adding captions is a powerful way to get your message heard even if audio isn’t on.

Subtitles Increase Video Shares, Engagement and Clickthroughs

Subtitles are shown to increase video shares by 15% and lead to over 26% more CTA clickthroughs (Instapage). That is impressive. Video already produces more conversions than any other content so this makes it even better. Video ads with captions get 12% more engagement (CISCO). Our Marketing Agency uses them on every video we put out for our clients.

Subtitles are Important for Social Media Videos Because 85% of video on Facebook is watched without audio.

Videos are played with the sound off by default as people are scrolling. Subtitles catch their attention. They also allow your message to be ‘heard’ without sound.


How to Automatically Add Subtitles with QuiCC

QuiCC automatically captions your videos, allows for edits, and burns those captions onto your video. QuiCC transcribes your video at 91% accuracy using artificial intelligence.

adding subtitles to video quicc


You can caption your videos from Android, iOS, and desktop in minutes. You can then customize the look of your captions. It also allows you to download a transcript of what was said in your video. A caption file, .srt, can be exported too so you can add to other video software or social media posts.


 ✔ Automatic Transcription of Your Uploaded Video

 ✔ QuiCC burns in your styled caption to eliminate post-production

 ✔ Cross Platform Support – Caption anywhere on your mobile devices or computer

 ✔ The Best Way to Add Subtitles to Video in Minutes

 2x Bonus Minutes the First Month for our Blog Readers

add subtitles to video using quicc io

Navigator Marketing has spent a lot of time and money reviewing other tools for video captioning. QuiCC is the best one we have used. Learn more about QuiCC and try it out for yourself (get double the minutes your first month with our link), click here.


Thank you for reading, I hope you found this week’s Tech Talk to be of value. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Please share this with friends who need to subtitle their videos! Send me a message or leave a comment with any marketing/advertising questions or suggestions for future posts. Remember to join our free Business Brand Breakthrough Facebook group. We share proven marketing strategies, resources and I answer your questions live every week there.


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