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Your Company's Corporate Branding:

What the world will come to know and recognize your company for.

A Corporate Brand can incorporate multiple touch-points.These touch-points include; your company's logo, staff teams- staff culture, visual presentation and key messaging,customer service, packaging, advertising, stationery, social responsibility and quality of products and services. Any means by which the general public comes into contact with your business brand constitutes a touch-point that can affect perceptions and sales.

Who Needs Corporate Branding…anyone in business.

  1. New businesses
  2. Small businesses
  3. Changing business model or strategy
  4. Product launches
  5. Entering new markets
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. Consistent message & look
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The Navigator Corporate Branding Package Includes:

  • Vision, Mission development
  • SWOT analysis
  • Responsiveness
  • Competitive Analysis and Market Overview
  • Strategic surveys from prospects and customers
  • Strategic planning
  • A complete Corporate Branding Strategy Report
  • Logo development, design and execution
  • Key external and internal messages
  • Strategic Communication Plan

At Navigator, we ensure successful corporate branding by building a strong coherence between what the company 's top management seek to accomplish (their strategic vision), what the company 's employees know and believe (lodged in its organizational culture), and how and the company 's external stakeholders perceive the company (their image of it).

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