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Digital Advertising versus Print Advertising: 9 Reasons Online Advertising is Better

On May 20, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, News, Social Media
Digital Adverting Versus Paper Ads The Best Form of Advertising Is Digital Ads Navigator Marketing Dawn Larsen 7059182090

Digital Advertising Works to Grow Your Profile, Leads and Sales Better Than Print Advertising

Digital advertising is so much more important to grow your profile, leads, and sales as a business than print advertising. It’s so unfortunate business owners and solopreneurs, and some big companies who advertise in newspapers spent a lot of money putting print ads out. All Print Ads are good for right now is the garbage. It’s just not an effective strategy, and I’m going to prove to you today all the reasons why.

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

Digital advertising, why is it more important than print advertising? It’s amazing how pricey print adverts are. They start at $150, and they go to $1400 for a print for one day in a print news media, and you don’t know who saw this ad. You have no way of tracking how successful it is. It’s crazy how business owners are still using forms of advertising that we can’t track. We can’t measure how many people have come to our business as a result of putting our investing into those print ads. Today I’m going to give you Nine Reasons that Digital Advertising should be an important part of your advertising mix.

What is the Best Advertising For My Business?

Years ago we used to watch ads on TV or in the newspaper. We had no real measurement or tracking on the effectiveness or the impact of our ads. Now, digital advertising has disrupted the marketplace and we can track everything that the people watching our ads are doing. It’s very powerful.

Digital Advertising Provides Insights and Analytics

One of the major benefits of online digital advertising is the ability to get insights. Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. I can tell from the ads that we place for our customers; what cities they’re from; what economic background they’re from; how long they stayed on the ad if it was a video; if they click through to the website; what page they clicked through to the website; how long they stayed on the website as a result of coming; and if they actually made a purchase as a result of that ad. All those pieces of information can be acquired just from a single ad placement.

You don’t get that in a print ad versus online ads. You have no idea unless you implement a whole bunch of marketing strategies inside that ad. Like asking for customer codes, and things like that. Digital ads give you so much information about who your customer is. Even things like what devices they’re coming on.

Whether users are browsing on mobile or desktop is important. We can adjust the ads according to screen size. It helps us target our message, it helps us design our ads, it’s invaluable. Print ads, radio ads, TV ads can’t tell you that.

Online Advertising: Geo-Fencing

We can even geo-fence your competitors. Geofencing is a location-based digital marketing tool that lets Marketing Agencies send messages to smartphone users in a defined geographic area.

So with the car dealerships, we work with, we geo-fence, the areas around their competitors or places their prospective customers frequent. And when you go into a competitor dealership, an ad will be served to you that says, we want you to be our customer and we’re willing to prove it to you, and here’s an extra $500 off any offer that you get at this dealership. We also can prove through the advertising we do, that out of that ad, that those people did go back to that advertising dealership. We can track the walk-ins generated.

Digital Advertising Targeting Events with Geo-Fencing

We can target events. So with all of Navigator Marketing’s mining company clients that we deal with worldwide, when there’s a mining trade show and it’s beyond either their budget, or they just don’t have the time to get to this mining show, we can Geo-Fence that whole convention and the hotels around, and still get their marketing message out. It drives them to a landing page that has a sales video, that does the same thing as being at the trade show, plus a bit more. But the best part is, that we can track how many people have come as a result of that strategy.

Digital Advertisement Targeting for Car Dealerships, Industrial Companies, and More

The other benefit of digital advertising is targeting. Any business, car dealership, boat dealership, or if HVAC dealer, an industrial commercial mining company, or construction company’s, etc. can benefit from this. We can geo-fence around a store like Costco and target all Costco shoppers. We can target different mining locations in Chile, in a geographical area, or just by their mailing addresses, geo-fence a certain sort of neighborhood inside a city, that maybe is a certain demographic. We can target both geographically by age and by keywords too.

Digital Advertisements can Be Changed Easily

The other great part about digital ads is that you can change up the ads easily. You can change the creative or the placement when you want. When you do a print ad, often times created by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing in a rush, that gets put out and you used your one chance. With digital advertising, you have the ability to design as many different versions of that ad thinkable. You can use different imagery and messaging depending on who you are targeting with that specific ad. We can also run split tests, we can quickly see which targeting ads are working better. With print advertisements, you do not have that ability, and it’s a very powerful tool.

Customize Different Ads Depending on Target Audience

The third benefit that digital advertising has is control over the creative. I can customize different ads based on the target audiences that we are working with. Or, I could have a static ad, meaning it’s just one visual. Maybe, I could have an ad that’s animated, meaning that it has multiple moving parts. Even better, I can also use a video. We can use those in different areas on the internet, and we can measure very quickly which ones are the most engaging, and getting the most action. With our insights, we know very quickly which are the high-performing and the low-performing ads. The high-performing ones are getting more people to your website, or getting more people to buy, or getting more people engaged, whatever the priority is of that ad. The low performing ones are eliminated quickly to avoid wasted ad spend.

Digital Advertising is the Best Solution to Build Your Business and Get More Profile in a Certain Area

Brand awareness.  If you’re wondering how to build your brand and get more profile in a geographical area, Digital Advertising is the Best Solution. There are more impressions, and it’s not just a guesstimate. Print advertising can only say “Well, we printed 5000 and we only took back 1000, so we think 4000 were taken”. Watch your behavior when you get print material, where it lands on your table at home, and how many pages you actually look at it. I feel especially bad for the people in the newspaper who advertise on page three and further. Most don’t even make it to the end of that print media.

With online advertising, your ad shows up in front of your target audience, and it’s there for three to seven seconds while they’re going through their mobile or their computer. If it’s designed like a great ad should be, it will capture their attention and motivate them to take action, and to click. Brand awareness is best and most possible with the highest amount of volume of people on digital advertising. Videos can have 20,000 views for only a matter of $100. So some advertisers pay $350 for a small, small ad in a newspaper. For $350 you could put a video on Facebook and get 10,000 views of your video.

You get so much more exposure than competing with 50+ ads in a single newspaper. That’s crazy when you’re trying to get somebody’s attention. Digital advertising offers the best flexibility. I can have different types of ads and these ads can be animated, unlike a black and white print ad.

Digital Advertisements Can Be Scaled Up For Certain Times

Long weekends and other holidays are prime time for people being on their phones and on social media. So as advertisers, we are looking at that across different markets. For the most part, we’re looking at it as that’s the long weekend, we know we have people’s attention for three days while they’re at camp, or while they’re at home. It’s a great opportunity for us to get our customer ads in front of people. We actually can scale our ads, we can increase the ad spend over the long weekend, and maybe reduce it on a Tuesday/Wednesday when people are coming back to work. We have the ability to double-up our advertising frequency or to target an audience more, and at different times.

You can’t do that with print, or you can’t do that with radio or TV. It’s very powerful knowing that you’ve got that scalability. This weekend, a lot of clients have added extra money, or extra investment into their advertising, knowing that this is a great weekend, that there will be some product buys, and people looking for different things and searching online. We want to be in front of them so we will be taking advantage and reaping the rewards.

Digital Advertising is The Most Cost Effective Type Of Advertising

One of the other great things about digital advertising versus print, radio, and TV is the cost. Advertising online is so much more cost effective. Beware of radio stations and other people who offer to do your ads for you though. They can’t put different coding so that once somebody comes to a product page you can track them and then remarket to them. They can’t do all of those important things. So sure, they can buy some mobile ads for you or some digital ads, but, I’m going to talk about the important part, the backend of the advertising that’s missing.

Digital Advertisements Show You the Actual Average Cost Per Lead or Customer

The thing I always get my clients to think about is the cost to acquire a paying client, and the cost to generate a lead. A lead is getting somebody back to the website to either our webpages or our product pages, and a customer is when they make a buy. The average cost per lead and the cost per customer is so much less and easy to track with digital advertising versus other mediums. You have those numbers, and you can tell what the cost to acquire a lead or customer is. Those are important numbers when you are investing in advertising. Only a digital advertising platform can give you those numbers. Other mediums can’t do that.

The other really big bonus is engagement with ads. When we put out ads for our customers, we see that there are people commenting, liking and sharing, and engaging, sometimes asking questions which we can answer in real time. It’s a powerful way of getting people to share a message.


Digital Advertising Allows You To Choose the Day of Time You Want to Run Your Ads: Dayparting on Social Media

Digital advertising does so much more than print advertising, and it is cost effective. Your reach is incredible and you can even daypart. This means that you can take digital ads and target only a certain time of the day. Try doing that with radio, as soon as you say I don’t want to advertise at 12 in the morning, they say “Well, your ads go up by $25 an ad”. That doesn’t happen in digital advertising.

Qualified Google Facebook Advertising Expert

What to do when someone approaches you to sell online advertising? You’ll get a lot of people coming to you that want to sell you social media ads. You want to go with a qualified Google and Facebook Advertising Expert. You want somebody that knows how to do advertising and has proven results. A lot of people will tell you they can do it. But it’s important they know how to do it properly.

Was Digital Advertising Previously Ineffective For You? This is why…

A lot of customers come to us and we say, we did digital advertising with a radio station, or we did it with some newspapers, and it didn’t work. Well that’s because they can buy and create an ad for you, but, that’s not their specialty. Their specialty was the industry they’re in, but now they’re branching out.

Remarketing With Digital Advertising

The secret to effective online advertising is what we do for our customers. We add custom coding in the back of their website, and we know what pages need this coding. So on all of your product pages we add specific coding, so that we can tell when somebody comes in from an ad and they go to your product page. We track their every mouse click. So say you are a camping supply company, and somebody comes in and they go to the barbecues. We know that they went to the barbecues and even where they went on that page.

Coding Placed In Your Ads and Website Allow Remarketing to the 98% who Don’t Convert the First Time

The coding that we dropped on can tell where/when they left the website, because only 2% of the people that come to your website at any time come and make a purchase. So that means that we have to remarket to these people at least five or six times before that we can convert them into a customer. That’s been standard in the industry. So we remarket to them. By having that coding on specific pages and specific areas of your website, that only a marketing agency or a digital specialist can do, then when they leave your website, they will begin to see your remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are ads that we’ve created that are slightly different than the ad they saw that got them to the website.

So if they watched a video on your website, or if they clicked on a product, the ad that they get remarketed will be different, but the ad will acknowledge that they’ve been to your site, and it will give them a different sales message, to convert them to come back to your website for a sale.

So you’ve probably seen this, you went to either a clothing retailer online, or a car dealership online, and all of a sudden their ad begins to follow you while you’re going in different areas of different internet sites. And that’s why, because they’ve used a specialist who has added coding to different pages. And it’s really important, too, we have different ads. We can get almost 80% of those people back to the website within five hits of an ad to get them back to buy that product. But we’ve got to remarket to them.

The “Best Advertising” for businesses is “Digital Advertising”

  • Digital Advertising Gets the Best Reach

  •  Engagement: Commenting, Liking Sharing – This is only achieved with Digital Advertising

  • Analytics & Insights That Are In-Depth and Accurate

  • Targeted Advertisements Online Based On Geographical Location, Keywords, And More

  • Dynamic Ads & More Flexibility with Look of Ad

  • Digital Advertising is the Best for Brand Awareness

  • Digital Ads Offer Better Flexibility than Paper Ads

  • You Can Scale Ads & Adjust Budget Easily

  •  The Most Affordable Cost Effective Form of Paid Advertising

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