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Think of a newsletter as permission to have a standing meeting or get-together with your customers and prospects at regular intervals.

A newsletter is powerful. It is a way for you to communicate directly with your customers and prospects at regular intervals. Most other marketing communications efforts are hit-or-miss. You place an ad that is seen by people who might be interested in your product but also by many others that will never want your product. A brochure can be put into the hands of many people, including a lot of highly disinterested parties.

But a newsletter goes right to the heart of your business: those who are interested in having you communicate to them on a regular basis. The mailing list of your customers and prospects is pure gold. These are people who know your company, know what you sell, and have at least given you the impression that they like what you do. This isn’t just preaching to the choir, it’s fish in a barrel.


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I attended a workshop that Dawn held regarding Online Marketing tools. I came away from the presentation feeling like I’d learned a lot and knowing that I plan on definitely going back to Dawn for any online/marketing consultation. This lady really knows her stuff!

Mat Cousineau
Regional Consumer Sales Manager

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