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Facebook Advertising: How to Make the Best Facebook Ads

On May 28, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, News, Social Media
How to Make The BEst Facebook Ads Facebook Advertising

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Facebook Advertising, does it really work? Have you been asking yourself this while you’re trying to muddle through doing some Facebook ads for your business? Yes, Facebook ads really do work and there’s a formula to really make them work for your business. Today, I’m going to show you how to create High-Converting Facebook Ads to Increase your Profile, Leads, and Sales for your Business.

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How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads to Increase Your Business Profile, Leads & Sales

Facebook advertising can work for anyone from e-commerce to services to coaching to selling hard products like gas cans and HVAC systems. We’ve proved time and time again with the right Facebook advertising formula that Facebook ads can really work for all types of industries.

Facebook advertising has a couple of key elements. When they’re working for your business, you will see a lot of benefits. You’ll see a lot of engagement, you’ll start to see the phone ringing or the registrations working. What I want for you is to come away with the blueprint of a high-converting Facebook ad so that you can apply it to your Facebook profile.

Facebook Advertising Has Powerful Information About Your Ideal Customers to Target Ads

Facebook, more than any other online advertising medium right now, is so sophisticated in the information they collect. It collects valuable data on you, your prospects and customers every day. They know what groups you’re interested in, the keywords you use, your behavior, what games you play, what triggers you, what makes you happy, lots of things. It knows your age, your economic status, who your friends are. All of that business intelligence is a gold mine of information that really helps us more than with TV, radio, and print, that doesn’t let you target your audience well. We can direct our messages to the right target audience. It applies to every business.


Facebook Advertising Lookalike Audience

Facebook advertising, the types of the ways you can advertise are incredible on Facebook. I can advertise to a cold audience, somebody who has never met any of my customers before; or a warm audience, somebody who has been to one of my customers’ websites and has looked at different, either pages or products on the website. I can advertise to a lookalike audience. So an audience that actually looks like my ideal customers. So I may not want to advertise this special offer to my customers because they already know, like and trust me. But wouldn’t it be great if I could find my ideal audience as a lookalike audience? You can do that. You have the ability to really target your message to the people who want to or need to hear it the most and who you feel are your ideal prospects and customers.

Facebook Ads Go Through A Learning Stage

Facebook advertising allows you to have a small budget or you can have a large budget. There is some learning with ads. So Facebook is learning when you put an ad together what your demographic is responding to. And so it’s really important that you know that Facebook is not instant like you put an ad out today and you’re going to see some people coming or responding right away. It does take Facebook about four days to get going with the ads, but the intelligence that Facebook actually accrues in those four days for your ad is important.

Facebook is focused on making sure that it’s serving the right ads to the right demographic so it’s relevant to that audience. So it’s a benefit for you and for that audience to make sure that Facebook does that four days of what we call learning. Once you find advertising that works for you, once you find that you’re engaging with your audience and they’re asking for information or connecting with you, then it’s just a matter of scaling that ad and putting more dollars into it. So the problem is that I see a lot of business owners come to me where they played on Facebook for a long time and they’ve put a lot of money into ads. Facebook, when you’re putting your ad spending, for every dollar you’re putting in, you should be getting at least $2 out.

Help! My Facebook Advertising isn’t Working

If you’re not getting a return on your investment and it’s months in, you need to talk to a Facebook Advertising Specialist because you’re doing something wrong. And once you get it all set up, then again, you can be back on your own again. I see entrepreneurs wasting money with their ad spend just because they don’t know the essentials of what they need to put in that.

Facebook Advertising: The Visual is Important

One of the really key important parts of a Facebook ad is the visual. Think about your behavior when you’re on Facebook. You’re scrolling and the last thing you want to do is look and stop at an ad. So the really important part of your Facebook advertising is to make sure that your visual doesn’t look like an ad. Sometimes you have to experiment with that. You don’t want it to look like what you would see in print advertising or on a TV ad or on a Billboard. It has to look more natural and engage the community. You’ll see sometimes people use disruptive pictures because you want to get the person to stop long enough, to take notice and to grab a couple of words off your ad so that they can then further engage.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising has several types of ads you can run on Facebook. You can do a static ad, which is a static image, or a video, and there are various elements in there. You can have a slider deck and things like that. When you’re doing your static ad, you want to make sure that you minimize the writing on the ad because Facebook has a rule that ads can’t contain more than 20% text in an image. You want to have a compelling image and you want to make sure that it’s a close-up image. We’ve tested over the years, certain types of faces or facial expressions actually catch people’s interest. Sometimes, a perplexed look or a questioning look, those are really good to get people to at least stop.

You Have 3-10 Seconds to Catch Interest

Especially with video, you have three seconds to catch somebody’s interest. So you don’t want to waste those three to seven seconds with a lot of fluff. You want to make sure that you catch something that disrupts somebody’s eye right away as they’re swiping. Watch somebody as they’re swiping their phone and see how fast they go, and then watch where they stop and then what images or videos they stop at.  You want to make sure that when you’re doing your videos that you’ve packed some really good information or question right at the beginning of the video that captures their attention and either is big and front and center.

Best Facebook Ad Headline

Facebook advertising headlines are crucial. About 80% of people click through an ad because of what they see in the headline. It is the words that capture your attention. And they’re usually bold, and they’re at the bottom of the ad. You have limited space there, but you can really capture people’s attention by having a very powerful headline.

When we’re dealing with car dealerships and we’re dealing with people that are looking for a certain kind of car, we really get into their heads and kind of think about what are the key things that they want to feel or that they’re looking for or that are important to them when they’re looking for that product. We ask it in the form of a question that can get them thinking about it. We test them across our ads and make tweaks until we find the one that performs best. The headline is a powerful area that you can use to really maximize your Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Advertising: Ad Manager versus Boosting Posts

A lot of people come to us early on and they said, “I’ve been doing Facebook advertising “for six months, and it’s not working. “I’ve been boosting my Facebook ads for six months “and nothing’s happening.” Boosting is not the best way to do your ads. It’s Facebook taking advantage of small business owners that don’t know better. As an entrepreneur with a limited budget, you want to maximize the effort that you’re making with your Facebook ads. Facebook has created a Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager, and it’s in the back end of your Facebook. You go to and in there you’ll see the Ads Manager. You want to use that for your business page. Ads Manager gives the ability to target your audience by city, age, location, interest, people they follow, keywords, and more.

Facebook Advertising: Writing the Best Copy

Many business owners that have come to us frustrated, they’ll show us their ads and I’ll see that sometimes they’ve done really well with their headline, they’ve got a half decent image but they’ve just written, “Come and see me at my location “or register online,” and that’s it for their copy. People want more from you. They don’t know, like or trust you yet, and this space above the ad is your opportunity to build this.

Hook, Story, Offer

There are a few elements and we call it the Hook, Story, and Offer. You have to hook your audience into why are they going to do business with you and/or why should they sign up for your offer or begin a conversation with you.

I have a client who’s a relationship expert. Her hook is that she was a serial dater and she was always attracted to tons of men. There was a formula that she used. That was her hook. And then her story was that over the years of dating, she found a way and a formula to attract the right type of man and eventually find her ideal partner. And then the offer is that she has a program and that you can sign up for this program and here’s what you’ll get in terms of the benefits of participating in her program. So you see that there’s a unique hook.

You can also include at least one or two short testimonials around the calls to action so that they can feel confident that other people have used your product or service and really believe in it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a car dealership or an industrial business or a realtor. Everyone has a hook.

It’s not always about you, it can be about your customer’s hook. With our car dealerships, we often use stories of our clients, hypothetical stories, but female business owners. And so this hook is that I am a female business owner and I do well, but I don’t have a credit history because I’ve only been in business for a few years. And I’m struggling because I needed to have a car for my business and it was really frustrating until I came across this car dealership and they had a solution for me. You’re writing in the voice of that person, telling their story. Don’t minimize the copy in that copy space. Remember, hook story offer.

How to See Your Competitor’s Facebook Advertisements

Here’s a really helpful tip facebook advertising tip. If you have competitors in your industry or companies that are a little bit bigger than you, you can go to their Facebook Page and look under information and ads. It’s in the bottom left-hand corner of their Facebook ads or Facebook profile. You can actually see the ads that they’re running. It lets you see how they’ve laid out their ads.

Now I’ll tell you, there are a lot of bad Facebook ads out there, so you want to be cautious on what you’re looking at, but you want to see how they’re communicating to their audience. When you find a good ad you will see how they always have a hook. “I was a struggling entrepreneur and I couldn’t get people to engage with my ads. But then I found Dawn Larsen’s Facebook Ad Strategy and it made a difference…” There’s a hook there and a bit of a story.


Facebook Advertising: Remember Call to Action to Sales Funnel Landing Page

In Facebook Ads, the call to action is really important. We’ve got this great ad with engaging copy, we’ve got a good visual that’s caught their eye. Now we need to drive them somewhere. When customers come to us and they say “we’re not converting, we’re getting people to our website, sometimes thousands but then they disappear.” It’s because they’re just driving them to a web page that hasn’t been designed as a sales funnel. You still have a long way to go with your customer once you get them through the ad from Facebook. It’s really important that that page that you drive them to is a landing page.

A Landing Page is Customized for Your Ad to Continue the Sales Process

That landing page has to still continue to gain their trust, credibility, add value and show them what you’re offering.  The goal is to get them to click the button to buy or get a quote or contact you for an appointment. Landing pages are very important. Also called sales pages, they work to gain your trust, educate you further, overcome any of your objections, give you confidence in making that decision and then there are lots of strong calls to action on that landing page.

If you’re looking to build and generate sales, you need to have landing pages. Your web page is great if somebody’s coming and searching for you online, but you really want to have landing pages that tie into the essence of what you’re selling for your Facebook ad. For some of our e-commerce customers that are doing products, we have product pages that are sales funnels that drive people and give them offers to get them to click the buttons. It is a process.

Facebook Advertising Best Practices, Remember:

Simply boosting a post on Facebook won’t get you the conversions, qualified leads, and ROI you want. You need to include a,

  • High-Impact Visual that Catches Attention

  • Captivating Headline

  • Hook, Story & Offer

  • Call to Action to a Landing Page / Sales Funnel

  • Use Facebook Ads Manager, don’t ‘Boost’ Posts


Those are the elements of building a very strong high-converting ad. If you have any questions about Facebook ads, please leave them in the comments below. Let me know if you have a topic that you would like me to cover in the future. If you know somebody that can benefit from this, please share with them. Just one tweak in their Facebook Advertising could make the difference between generating $500 and generating $5000. I appreciate your time reading. Dawn Larsen 705 918 2090

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