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Facebook Article Publishing

On April 21, 2016    /    News

As previously announced, today at F8 we are officially opening the Instant Articles program to all publishers—of any type, any size, anywhere in the world. We’re also sharing new data illustrating how Instant Articles is better for people and publishers, introducing a number of partnerships with publishing tools and analytics providers to support the publishing process, and sharing more detail on how branded content is supported in Instant Articles.

Publishers can sign up at and join the program today.

Instant Articles Program Data

1. Root Domain Eligibility

If you claim a root domain, you can publish Instant Articles, using any of its subdomains or on any path that originates from it.

  • Claiming includes the root, subdomains with prefixes like, as well as paths delineated by forward slashes, such as or brand.domain/path.
  • Note that is considered a subdomain and not the root domain.
  • Root URLs that include trailing slashes are treated the same as ones that don’t include trailing slashes. So, is considered equivalent to This rule does not apply to subdomains and paths.
  • Domain names are NOT case sensitive but paths are. For example, is the same as However, is different than

2. Subdomain Eligibility

If you claim a subdomain, you can only publish Instant Articles via any path or subpath that originates from it. You cannot publish from the root domain.

3. Eligibility for Paths within a Domain

If you claim a specific path, you can publish Instant Articles via any subpaths that originates from the path.

  • If you claim, you can publish using and or any descendants.
  • You cannot publish using, or
  • Paths are case sensitive.

authorize your website to begin publication. To claim your website’s URL, add the following meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and specify the URL below. Unsure what URL to use? Learn more about claiming URLs for your Instant Articles.

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