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Geofencing Mobile Advertising to Target Your Best Prospects

On June 22, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, News, Social Media

Geofencing Mobile Targeted Advertising to Target Your Best Prospects [.MP3 Download – Click Here]

Geofencing: What is it and How Can it Help Your Business?

Have you ever wished as a local business that you could target different areas of town, special events in your city or a large trade show that’s happening in another city that’s just too expensive for your business to attend? Well, we have a solution for you today. Read the blog, watch the video or download the .mp3 to take on the go, to learn more about Mobile Geofencing Advertising and how it can work for your business.

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Geofencing gives you a better marketing reach, the ability to target ideal audiences to maximize your ad spend, and precise reporting on results.

Geofencing is location-based advertising that allows businesses to serve ads to people based on their physical activities and places they go. You can target right down to the individual building. A digital geofence is drawn around the individual building or location. Then, it captures the mobile devices of people who walk inside and serves them your mobile ads. Geofencing allows you to deliver better quality advertising customized to your audience’s behavior and location.

You’re truly getting your message in front of the audience that matters the most to your brand.

We’re not doing the old spray and pray approach like we used to do with TV, radio, and print where you put in an ad that everyone is going to see and you’re paying for it. With geofencing, you are actually targeting people based on their location, interests or activities. You can even specify the time and days your ads are displayed (with no increased cost like with radio). This is truly revolutionary for advertising online because no other medium can offer the benefits geofencing does.

Geofencing to target competitor locations

You can place these virtual geofences around their competitor’s location. Much better than physical advertising methods which can get complicated. Many of our clients use this to serve ads with an offer to go to their location. We design very attractive ads with an offer to visit their dealership (ie: “We want your business! Here’s $500 off your purchase).

We track those people through the entire sales process with the coding we place. For example, we can track the exact pages of your website they visited. We know which vehicles they looked at and then adjust the ads we serve them off that.

Track when visitors become customers as a result of your mobile advertising

If they visit your business physically, we can track that too. We do that by drawing another geofence around your dealership, called a conversion zone. We can track when those who entered your geofence enter the conversion zone. No other platform can track who went to a particular location after seeing an ad. This new level of tracking provides an incredible understanding of your true return on investment.


Geofencing is Perfect for Your Business

✓ Small to Midsize Brands ✓ Attorneys and Law Firms ✓ Medical Systems and Practices

✓ Retail Store – Geo Target large shopping malls and Big Box Stores with your Gift Certificate advertising at high traffic times of the year to increase your sales.

✓ Car, Truck Boat Dealerships – Geofence Your Competitor’s Dealerships in town or out-of-town with your advertising.

✓ Franchises

Geofence only your franchise’s geographical area. You don’t need to collaborate with other franchisors in your city like on radio and tv. You can now do your own advertising and be certain you are within your geographical boundaries.

✓ Restaurants and Food Trucks Restaurants

Offer an automated loyalty club and discount offer on future visits with Geofencing marketing around your restaurant. You can geofence your own locations to run customer loyalty ads. Restaurants do this to remind people who’ve visited for dinner about your other specials. Building a customer loyalty program can help with further retention and keeping your brand top of mind.

✓ Professional Service Companies ✓ Event Coordinators ✓ Non Profits and Trade Associations

✓ Industrial/Commercial Companies

Trade Show Marketers and Exhibitors can Geo Target out-of-town trade shows and hotels around the convention centers with your advertising. Include Calls to Action to visit your booth (if you are an exhibitor) or visit your website (if you are not there).

Geofencing drastically reduces the waste in ad spend you’d experience with billboards, print, radio, and TV where you’re paying to reach people you never intended to advertise to.

How Does Geofencing Mobile Advertising Work?

Geofencing is what marketers call direct-to-mobile location-based advertising, allowing companies to serve ads to people based on their physical activities and the places they go.

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It’s NOT just postal codes, a 5-mile radius or citywide targeting, but even more powerful it’s the ability to serve ads to people that walk inside of individual buildings, event locations, convention centers, conferences, or even your physical competitor locations.


1. User with mobile device enters geofenced location.

2. GPS technology captures their mobile device ID.

3. Ads are displayed on websites and over 600,000 apps like Angry Birds, Weather Channel, ESPN, news outlets & more.

 4. Users begin seeing ads from the point they enter geofenced location & up to 30 days after they leave.

5. Ads can be seen on mobile device & tablets – A user does not need to be looking at a mobile app in order for us to advertise to them.

6. Foot traffic back to your business can be measured by drawing another geofence around your business location to track when flagged prospects enter (conversion zone tracking).

With Geofencing, Your Ads Show Up On 1,000,000’s of Apps & Websites

Your advertisements will be displayed on websites and apps like Words with Friends, Angry Birds,, Globe and Mail and many more. They are displayed when in the geofence and up to 30 days after they leave. Once they click on your ad, we can retarget them for longer periods of time. This is all tracked with powerful real-time analytics. You see data the same day the campaign has been launched. This allows you to make decisions real-time and make changes based on what is and what is not working with your advertising.


✓ 78% of Searches on Mobile Phones Lead to a Purchase (More than any other device)

✓ Geofencing Gives Your Marketing >97% More Reach Than Other Targeting Methods Like Postal Codes



Will you geofence your competitor before they geofence you?

Geofencing is the perfect complement to your marketing mix. 27% more businesses are expected to use this powerful technology by 2022. Geofencing Mobile Advertising is a must for your marketing strategy this year.

Local companies can use geofencing and programmatic display advertising by working directly with a few agencies, including Navigator Marketing. Remember that only Marketing Agencies can put the proper coding on your web pages and advertisements to track and retarget your prospects. Contact me to learn more about how Geofencing works for your business.

Thank you for reading, send me a message or leave a comment with any marketing/advertising questions or suggestions for future posts. Remember to join our free Business Brand Breakthrough Facebook group. We share proven marketing strategies, resources and I answer your questions live every week there.

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