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Getting Mobile Website SEO Right is Critical

On June 18, 2013    /    News, Web Design

 Getting Mobile Website SEO Right is Critical

From Mobile Marketer Magazine

By Chantal  Tode

June 18, 2013

 Marketers not using search engine optimization best practices in mobile could see a dramatic decrease in traffic to their Web sites from smartphones thanks to changes Google is making in how it ranks mobile search results.

Google is taking a stronger position on mobile SEO, saying last week that it will begin demoting sites in mobile search results if they are not mobile friendly or are misconfigured. This means that if marketers do not follow Google’s guidelines, they could see their mobile search rankings drop.


Mobile Website SEO is Important

“This move highlights both the growing importance of smartphone users to Google and the difficulty Google is experiencing providing ideal search results to those users,” said Jon Maxson, senior director of SEO at iCrossing, New York.

“There are still a lot of small and large brands that either fail to provide a smartphone-optimized experience or have implemented quick solutions that don’t meet Google’s aspirations for an ideal mobile experience,” he said.

“We don’t expect misconfigured sites to drop out of Google’s index entirely, but even dropping a few positions on the first page of results can result in a heavy traffic loss since so few organic listings are visible before the user has to scroll down the page.”

Good or bad move? The move will be good for Google if brands follow Google’s guidelines for mobile development and optimization so that users are still able to find quality sites in search results.



However, many marketers may find themselves challenged to implement these guidelines as they are wide-ranging and will come with associated costs, time and upkeep.

As a result, mobile users could be impacted if they are not seeing relevant content because it does not meet the guidelines

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