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One of the biggest shopping days is fast approaching….Mother’s Day.

Americans spent $21.4 billion for Mother’s Day in 2016, while in Canada, the national spending comes to $492 million.

Mother’s Day is number 2 in consumer spending after Christmas. It brings incredible opportunity to boost your engagement and sales, but only if you have a great mobile marketing strategy.

It is estimated that purchases made on a mobile website will account for more than 50 % of digital purchases.

If you are not mobile-ready ie. mobile-responsive website, mobile advertising, mobile-ready video etc… you are leaving a motherload of profit and revenue on the table for your competitors that are already mobile-ready.

You have 50 milliseconds to make a great impression. Consumers will judge their potential experience with you based on the usability of your entire website. This judgment is made in 50 milliseconds as 40% of consumers will abandon your website if your website if not mobile-ready.

So, if your mobile website comes short this Mother’s Day, you are not fully optimized to increase your sales or leads.

Here are 4 ways to get your business mobile-friendly so you can increase engagement and sales this Mother’s Day:


1. Your Website NEEDS to be Mobile Responsive

It’s official, mobile website searches have surpassed desktop queries in key areas, according to Google.

80% of internet users are also mobile website users and 83% say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important.

Because Google puts the user experience first if your website is not user-friendly you will be penalized in your SEO ranking.

Having a responsive website is important for sales, as the average mobile phone conversion rates are up 64% compared to desktop.

This Mother’s Day, more consumers will be using their mobile phones for searching, browsing and making purchases than ever before.

As they spend quality time with their family, give them a quality experience on your mobile website. Check your website on your mobile phones. Is your website mobile responsive?

Bonus Tip: Find a marketing agency that specializes in mobile-friendly web designs. Look for customer testimonials on their website that specifically speak to the success of their mobile-friendly website.

Remember: Before this Mother’s Day put the user-experience first by having a mobile-responsive website.


2. Increase Your Websites  Loading Speed

75% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for your website to load before they abandon it. In fact, 71% of mobile browsers expect your mobile website to load faster than the web pages on their desktop computers.

Having a slow mobile website can affect your bottom line. For every 1 second delay, conversions drop by 7% according to Not only will you experience a high bounce rate from your website, but 79% of browsers will not be willing to return to your website.

Even if you do not sell products online and just have a website, this still affects your sales as 27% of online browsers will be less willing to shop at your physical store.

A slow mobile website means for every 1 second added delay to your website means 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss of conversion.

As consumers are able to compare their options online, make sure your website gives them the best experience with a faster loading time.

Bonus Tip: Test your loading time using platforms such as or

Remember: Do not let a slow website affect your bottom line. Make speed a priority.


3. Showcase Your Top Products So You Can Boost Sales

A great mobile-ready website means your website is adaptable to providing you the best advantage during holidays and sales seasons such as Mother’s day.

Creating a mobile website enabled slider with visuals on your home page for Mother’s Day is a simple addition that will help boost sales on Mother’s day.

93% of human communication is visual. Having visuals on your mobile website and social-media platforms increases engagement by 30%. Show your potential customers visuals of people using your products along with a strong call-to-action. This allows them to visualize themselves using your products while prompting them to take the next step to engage with your content or make a purchase.

Navigator Marketing Mother's Day Mobile Responsive Banner

Another great tip is to showcase your top products on your homepage. This optimizes your mobile website so consumers can easily access your top products for the season. Make sure to optimize your online shopping cart for fast mobile website purchases.

Here is an example, of promoting your top product for Mother’s Day.
Navigator Marketing Mobile Response Product Banner Mother's Day

Bonus Tip: On your social media showcase a few of your top products. Ask moms to ‘like’ the product,  tag 3 people and write “I’d love this for Mother’s Day”.

Use special promo codes (ie. “MOTHERSDAYSPECIAL10”) so you can track your response rate.

Remember: Special Promotions for Special Days 


4. Use Mother’s Day Related Searches

You many not sell Mother’s Day related services or products, but using keywords matter. Using search trends not only helps your SEO ranking but can drive traffic to your website.

During special holidays, browser’s will already be using specific keywords. Why not make your website easier to find by staying relevant. Hot contents topic are a great way to stay relevant and increase engagement.

Keywords are always important, but special days or events are a great way to leverage trending words to get more traffic to your website.

Boost you pay-per-click. Using search trends, such as Mother’s Day keywords will help you boost traffic to your mobile site.

This pay-per-click example showcases what using Mother’s Day keywords along with paid ads is an incredible opportunity to boost traffic to your site and increase sales.

Navigator Marketing Pay-Per-Click Example

Bonus Tip: Use online keyword planner tools such as to get keyword ideas and performance insights so you can plan for your Mother’s Day campaign.


Here are some of the top queries in the month of May:

Mother’s Day- 48%
Mother’s Day Gifts –14%
Gifts Mom-10%
Gifts Her- 5%


Remember: mum’s the keyword.


Use this 4 top mobile-ready tips and reap the best of Mother’s Day profits.

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