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Graphic Design in Sudbury – How Graphic Design Increases Your Sales

On April 16, 2012    /    News

I’ve heard sales people say many times, “Oh just slap a picture of the product sheet write up, that’s all it needs.” It’s unfortunate that some companies and sales people don’t quite understand how impactful (yes it’s my new word) GRAPHIC DESIGN can be to attracting, generating and closing a sale of a product or service.

There are dozens of great statistical surveys out there to quantify how significant a high impact visual, placed in the most effective position can be to catching a prospect’s attention and keeping their attention much longer than a less powerful or appropriate image. Remember a time when you passed a business or a bus shelter and a high impact visual caught your eye? It probably sat in your mind about 3 to 5 seconds longer than the next advertisement. And that extra 3 – 5 seconds of your mind’s attention is all that the seller needs to stimulate a response, an emotion or a memory in your mind associated with their product. It really is that effective.

Graphic Designers use a combination of art and science to produce visual displays that:

1. Capture your attention

2. Focus your awareness

3. Hold a prospect’s attention longer by motivating their eyes to look longer or deeper into the image

4. Evoke an emotional response with the image

5. Imprint an association with the product.

Graphic Design uses a combination of colour, tones, shading, movement, peripheral density and simplicity or chaos in the image to motivate different behaviours in its viewers. Our team at Navigator ensures that when we use images for web design, for example and we want the web visitors to focus on the product, we will purposely not include the face of the model in the image but only part of the model’s face or we have the model looking away from the web visitor. The reason, people naturally look into people’s eyes for the most part and having the model looking at the web visitor takes the attention away from the product and places it on the model – which we don’t want. It’s the same when we are featuring mining equipment for our customers. If we place mine personnel on the equipment, we usually have them looking at the equipment or away from the camera so that they person viewing the image, focuses their attention on the product or part of the product we want them to purchase.

Expert Graphic Designers take your message and through the art of word placement, key visual images, strategic colour and layout accomplish the following:

web design Increased message comprehension. graphic design Increased message retention. web design Increased eye attraction to your message.
graphic design Increased emotional tie to your message. web design Increased response or engagement to your message. graphic design Focus their attention on your message

So it’s important to look at the images you use in any marketing and advertising or web design , where you use them, how you use them and what feelings, emotions or behaviours they may influence. Graphic Design plays that important role in converting sales.

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Dawn Larsen is the President of Navigator Marketing & Strategic Planning Experts. She is a keynote speaker on the topics of web design, internet marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. Dawn’s articles have appeared in Profit Magazine, Sales Inc and Success From Home Magazines. Gather more great marketing tip from Dawn Larsen on LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube or Twitter.




About the Author - Dawn Larsen

dawnAs the Director of Business, Internet & Social Media marketing, Dawn leads all consulting, marketing strategy and creative projects for Navigator marketing & Business Solutions. Dawn is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in custom WordPress web design, corporate marketing strategy and graphic design for business.

A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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