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High-Converting Ads: Tips to Create Online Advertisements that Make People Click

On July 5, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, News, Podcasts, Social Media, Twitter
High Converting Social Media Advertisements Navigator Marketing

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Creating High-Converting Online Advertisements

High-Converting Ads for Online, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media can be daunting to create. Today we’re going to talk about the 6 Key Elements that you need to have inside your Advertisement to make it High-Converting. I’ll show you how to really catch people’s interest while they’re scrolling through their feeds and looking at different things on social media.

There’s a lot of key elements in creating High-Converting Ads. There is some testing involved, but when you follow these six tips that we’re going to discuss today, you’re going to see that it makes a difference in the quality and engagement of your ads.

There are six key elements to make a high-converting ad that you may not have considered. I see tons of ads that I scroll past because they’re simply just talking about the business, how great the business is, how many awards the business has won, how many customers they have, and not focusing on the customer. A good ad will focus on the customer and their needs and when you touch on the frustrations and the pain points of your prospects – you’ve got the start to a high-converting ad.

High-Converting Ads Make Prospects Stop Scrolling and Engage

If you watch your behavior on social media, on television, while you’re watching videos on YouTube, it’s a good indicator of what people are looking for, what makes you stop. I always watch my behavior to see how I react or engage with an ad when it catches my interest, and what parts of those ads catch my interest. It’s a really good point to see what you are attracted to and use those elements in your own advertisements. When you’re creating an ad, put yourself into the position of your customers. You may have a couple of different demographics or silos of customers, so make sure that when you’re building an ad, that you’re building it for that specific target audience. The narrower your niche, the narrower your focus on the ad, the better you’re going to have with engagement. It’s just that powerful.

High-Converting Advertisements Using Videos Out-Perform Static Images

It’s been statistically proven that videos out-perform static images. If you have a really good static image that is disruptive, that can amplify your message and catch people’s attention, it will work, but video works better. Statistically, we see higher click-throughs and engagement when we use video. You have three to five seconds to catch interest when your prospect is scrolling through social media. It’s important that in those three to five seconds you catch their interest and say what you need to say to get them to stay on your ad a little longer.

Many companies have done research and testing ads. They ran static visual ads, animated video ads, and a talking head video to see what was the best across thousands and thousands of advertisements. They found out that the animated video was good and the talking head video was good, but when you combined a little bit of animation or movement in the video with the talking head, it was the best conversion.

Car Dealerships can create High-Converting Ads for social media. Incorporate moving vehicles, people and a key person speaking. Most won’t watch past the first 10-15 seconds if you’re lucky so you want to make sure that it’s very high impact. A combination of movement and talking head will really make a difference.

High-Converting Advertisements include a Hook, Story, and Offer.

The hook captures their attention. If you’re selling courses on how to generate income online, it could be let me show you how I went from dirt broke to making $10,000 a month. For Yoga, you could say, this person went from being totally immobile to feeling like the energy of a 20-year-old. You want to have a hook that really captures their interest. For example, “Find out how with bad credit you can still get the car of your dreams”. Those kinds of hooks catch people. You don’t want it to be cheesy but you want to make sure that it really captures their interest.

The next part is having a story. You want to focus on a customer’s/prospect’s journey. Talk about the customer and how they have/could engage with your product. It doesn’t always have to be a real story, it could be a hypothetical story. Focus on how a person transforms through your product or using your product or your service.

Writing the Best Story for High-Converting Ads

For example, we’re selling for one of our clients, a battery-operated fuel transfer pump, so it’s really something you can put on a gas can and transfer fuel. We include in our high-converting ads stories of women using the apparatus to help them when they’re fueling up the lawnmower, we have stories about how guys who have this pump use it and it makes it so easy, it’s portable and they can transfer to their boat and whatever, but we tell it inside of a story as a customer. For our senior clientele, we talk about how there’s no more heavy lifting and how it’s so simple and no spilling of gas.

We tell a story and that story then resonates with the person that’s reading the ad. Now you’ll say well my product’s for somebody under 35, how would a senior resonate with that? Well, that’s the thing, is that you are writing an ad for a specific target audience, so if your audience is under 35, then those stories are relevant to somebody under 35. If you’re writing an ad for women, then you’re writing an ad specifically for women of a certain age demographic and you tell that story.

Remember the Call to Action

The last part of a really good, high-converting ad is having a call to action in the word section of your ad. This is usually the web URL. Join now, or learn more is a really good high-converting call to action, as opposed to buy now, shop now. You’re leading people so they don’t feel really intimidated that they’re just learning more. Every advertisement you make needs to have a call to action on it.

High-Converting Ads Include Testimonials

In a good high-converting advertisement you should include a short testimonial from a customer that already likes your product or service. You want it to be in that right target audience. If you’re targeting seniors, you want to make sure that you have a testimonial from somebody who is a senior.

Remember: Hook, Story, Offer, Call to Action and Testimonial for a High-Converting Ad.

Use [ BRACKETS ] to Make Your Key Message Stand Out in Your High-Converting Ads

There are square brackets and there are round brackets. Those brackets at the top of your ad will really make a difference. For example, when I’m selling one of my Facebook advertising courses to real estate agents, I put [ ATTENTION REAL ESTATE AGENTS ]. If you’re a Real Estate Agent this will catch your eye and if you’re not you’ll keep on scrolling. So only qualified leads too, very important.

Using Emojis in High-Converting Online Ads

The next tip is using emojis. Emojis are those smiley faces and other icons popular in texting. First of all, they catch our attention but second of all they help us focus on where to read next. I use arrow emojis to draw attention, or video emojis if I’m sharing a video. Those elements are really powerful, but you don’t want to overuse them.

You want to make sure that it’s easy for people to read and comprehend, so there has to be some space around some of the lines. So if you’ve got two or three lines for the first paragraph, then you have an emoji arrow that shows people to read, or to click through here, and then you’re listing the benefits, you can use check marks, you can use bullet points, you can use yellow circles, blue circles, those emojis really help people absorb that information and retain it really easy. It’s really important to include brackets on some key information in addition to emojis.

Including Call to Action in Write-Up Instead of a Button

This is a high-converting advertising hack that has worked time and time again for us with our clients that we do Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads for. We don’t use a call to action button. Instead, we include the call to action as a web link within the write-up of the ad. You will notice that as you go through with social media advertising, the more that it looks native to the platform, the better things perform, and the better you get at making your ad on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook or Instagram, look like it’s part of the platform, the better you will get engagement and click-through.

How to See Your Competitor’s Online Advertisements

A great way to get ideas for your ads is to see what competitors in your industry are doing. But you will see elements that they’re using and what’s working for them that you can implement in yours (but better!). Did you know you can even view the ads your competitors in the industry have running? See this article to learn how to spy on ads from specific competitors.

Thank You For Reading about High-Converting Ads

Do you have any questions or frustrations with creating high-converting Facebook ads? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to respond to them. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please let me know. Dawn Larsen 705 918 2090


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