6 Insider Secrets for Maximizing Your Sales with FB Ads During this Holiday Season

The holidays are coming...

Have you thought about running FB Ads during the holidays, but aren't sure where to start or wondering if it's even worth trying to compete against all the other holiday sales and promotions? 

I heard Jingle Bells for the first time the other day and it’s only the first week in November. The holiday season is starting whether you’re ready or not.  

And if you’re in denial about how fast the holidays are approaching you could end up wasting a lot of money on your ads over the next few weeks…

So here’s the deal -- competition is going to be CRAZY over the next few weeks. All the big guys are going to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars a day on their ads.

And there’s only so much room in the News Feed. More competition means higher ad cost.  

So what do you do? Just give up and not run any FB Ads?  

No way. 

I’m going to help you create a full proof marketing plan to help you boost your sales over the next few weeks.

Here’s the best part...

You don’t need a big budget, a huge audience or a team of professional designers and copywriters to compete with the big guys.  

All you need is something to sell - doesn’t matter if it’s a digital course or physical product. 

This is for you if you’re a business owners, coaches, consultant or have an eCommerce sites and you want to make the most out of the next few weeks….

There are over 2.33 billion active users on Facebook. And over the next few weeks those users are going to be spending a LOT of money on FB.

And if you want them to buy from YOU then you need to be running FB Ads. 

You’ve probably heard that it’s too expensive to run ads this time of year and that if you’re not a huge company with an even bigger budget then it’s a waste of time.

But not running FB Ads around the holidays is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Because people are buying, but if they don’t see you in their News Feed they’ll buy from someone else. 

I'm hosting a special LIVE workshop on Thursday, November 22nd at 3pm EST where we are going to walk through your Holiday Marketing Blueprint together.

I’m going to give you a behind the scene glimpse into the EXACT strategies we use with our clients to help keep their cost low and their sales high. 

Join Me LIVE on Thursday, November 22nd at 3pm EST and Discover...

👫 The exact audiences to target so you keep your cost low + boost your sales during the busiest season of the year (this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make that costs them a lot of money during the holidays).

📣 The crazy simple testing strategy that we use to get our ads to stand out in the News Feed and convert more people without wasting a bunch of money on ads that don’t convert (and it’s so crazy simple and will save you so much time and money). 

💬 How to quickly and easily build up the Social Proof (likes, comments and shares) on your ads and watch your sales skyrocket. 

🖼 The most underutilized ad type that we use to generate 10x more sales compared to conversion ads (it’s also one of the least expensive types of ads to run so you’ll keep your cost low). 

💵 How to follow-up with lost buyers by using FB Ads + Messenger (if you get nothing else from this training this ONE strategy will be a gamechanger for you). 

📈 How to track all of your sales so you know which ads convert the best and just how much money you’re making.

AND you know we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A. 

This workshop will be ready for instant access by Thursday, November 22nd!

You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the recording so you can watch when you’re ready or go back and watch as much as you need. 

Here’s everything you’ll get:


I'll break everything you need to know about getting your FB Ads up and bringing in sales during this 60-minute, jam packed workshop. 


Need to rewatch the training a month or two (or even a year) after you purchase? No problem! You get lifetime access to the video recording to watch as many times as you need.


A PDF download of my slides that you can refer back to whenever you need a little refresh.


Where you can post questions, get feedback and the support you need to make serious bank during the holidays. 


No idea what you should be spending on ads? I'll give you my ROI calculator so you can easily calculate how much to spend on your FB ADs to reach your goals.

I’ve spent over $100,000's on FB Ads in the weeks leading up to the holidays and here’s what I want you to know…

You can have a great product, great copy and images, but if you don’t have a full proof strategy in place you could end up wasting a LOT of money on your ads. 

So let’s create your holiday marketing plan together. 


I guarantee you’ll find this series valuable. If you don’t come away with a better understanding of how to find more of your ideal clients + sell more of your products - just let me know within 30 days from purchase, and I’ll refund every penny