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How to Increase Father’s Day Sales: 10 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

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Father’s Day Sales are coming up and it’s important to start long before getting your strategy in place to Increase Your Father’s Day Sales. There are many ways to generate sales for Father’s Day whether you’re a New/Used Car Dealership, industrial business, restaurant or retail store. Watch the video, download the .mp3 or read along to learn strategies to Increase Sales for Father’s Day! Take a look at the Father’s Day Tip Sheet.

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Father’s Day Sales Landing Page on your Website

Create a website page specifically for Father’s Day Sales and Gift Ideas and focus on the products and services that Dad’s would love. All you need is one page, a featured photo along with a write-up. Make sure to include a Call to Action to buy now or learn more. This page can be used year after year, you just hide it on your site. The great part is, while web visitors can’t find it, search engines still can. So your PageRank will improve over time as well. Then, next year you just unhide it, make some updates and you’re good to go.

Father’s Day Search Engine Optimized Website

Ensure your Website has SEO software on it so you can optimize your website for Search Results in your local area.

For your website to show up on search engines like Google, it must be search engine optimized (SEO). You need to have keywords around Father’s Day gifts and use titles that people are searching for. For example, #1 Best Father’s Day Gifts, Best, Father’s Day and Grandfather Gifts If you are a local business, you can add in that city. Brick and mortar businesses that are driving traffic to a store can also do that. There’s a lot of keyword optimization that you could do on your website that will make a big difference in driving traffic and increasing Father’s Day sales.

You should also use categories named Father’s Day Gifts if you’re using an e-commerce platform. Google tries to help people who are searching on the Internet for products and services that you might sell, and so they’re serving up local businesses or people that are close to their demographic first. If you have your website search engine optimized, then you have a competitive advantage to some of your competitors in the industry that might not be doing this initial step.

Increase Fathers Day Sales with Gift Certificates

You should have Gift Certificate for Father’s Day for your business that is promoted with a graphic and Call to Action Button on the homepage of your website. It’s such an underutilized sales opportunity for so many businesses. You can customize your product offering for dads and grandpas. You want to make sure that you have gift certificates available for that. Make it very easy to purchase. They can buy gifts certificates on your website, and then you can put it in the mail or delivered by courier to them. Even better, there’s software that you can add to your website. That programming company can add this to your website and then you can actually generate gift certificates online.

You want to make that audience or encourage that audience to be a future customer in addition to buying the gift certificate for their dad or their grandfather. A contest to win something at the point of sale works well. Or ask them to join your mailing list and get a 20% off voucher for future purchases. But you don’t want to leave the site of that sale or that interaction with that Father’s Day prospect alone. You want to make sure that you’re going to be able to engage them further. When somebody buys a gift certificate, they are a potential future client for more gift certificate sales or to convert them into a customer themselves.

Using Social Media to Increase Father’s Day Sales

Share content and host contests that encourage sharing.

Social media your go-to resource to start generating some traffic to your website for Father’s Day ideas. Our clients start 3 to 4 weeks out to warn people up to Father’s Day. We really encourage people to drive people to the website. Social Media is your tool to drive people to your website so people can see your products, services, and pictures of fathers and their kids or grandpas and the kids. You want to use those imageries to drive people to your website. Remember these important tips when creating your social media post, click here.

This is a great time to raise awareness about Father’s Day Sales. Get people engaged. Ask followers to tell you a great story about their dad or to post pictures of their dad or the grandfather. You will see that you’ll get some good engagement. Now people don’t do it just for free. You have to motivate them and incentivize them. So you want to include a contest where they could win a product or service for themselves and for their dad. That’s a really powerful way to get people engaged. You can make your post stand out by putting the word contest in square brackets at the top. That way it catches attention as prospects are scrolling. Remember: hook, story and an offer. Father Day stories and fun social posts are a great way to increase Father’s Day Sales. Get them to stop scrolling and get them to pay attention.

Purchase Google & Social Media Advertising Early

There’s a learning phase each advertisement you place online has to go through. Start early so your Father’s Day Sales ads are ready. Sometimes the learning phase takes 3 to 5 days. And you want to again remember, with Social Media, especially for your business page only 2% of your audience are seeing your post on your business page. So you want to do some paid advertising. Even if you have a small budget, you can definitely do something for $5 to $10 a day from now until the 16th of June to generate some sales.

Father’s Day Sales Ads should all lead to your Father’s Day Landing Page

Include a clear call to action (buy now, learn more) and make it easy for them to purchase. If they want to purchase in store, incentivize them to mention they saw your ad so you can track those conversions.

Your ads should all be driving people to a specific landing page. You’re not driving people to your home page of your website because that’s confusing. There are too many options there. You want to take your social media post or your social ads, and you’re driving people to that Father’s Day Sales page so that they can have some good information and make some decisions really quickly about if they want to buy your product or your service.

Mobile advertising gives you the ability to target based on interest, location, economic status interests and the same with Google advertising. Some companies see 10 times their monthly sales by promoting Father’s Day from the past years. It is amazing when you actually put a campaign around Father’s Day Sales how much you can increase your profile, leads and sales.

Father’s Day Sales E-Mail Campaign

Use your email list no matter how small to send out an email for Father’s Day Sales:

  • Strong call to action to buy your Father’s Day Sales products or Services
  • The subject Line is important – use a few emojis – with something that captures their attention. For example, Worried That you don’t have a Father’s Day Gift in Mind Yet. Problem Solved Look Inside
  • Ensure you empathize with their frustration in finding a great Father’s Day Gift.
  • Offer a clear solution to their Father’s Day Gift Buying Dilemma
  • Make it simple and fast to purchase online, call you at the store or go in person and you send by mail or they can pick up.
  • Offer a testimonial or two of a man or dad who received the gift in past (if possible) at bottom of the email to
    show social proof that others like your products.
  • Send email multiple times to those who haven’t opened your email. Send out a Last Chance to Get the Best Father’s Day Gift. Do this on the day before or morning of Father’s Day.

Download Tip Sheet

If you have any questions about Increasing Father’s Day Sales, please leave them in the comments below. Let me know if you have a topic that you would like me to cover in the future. If you know somebody that can benefit from this, please share with them.  I appreciate your time reading. Dawn Larsen 705 918 2090

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