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Increase Sales Immediately with Your Database of Prospects & Customers

On June 19, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, News, Social Media
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How much money are you leaving on the table by not managing databases? The dollars are in your database, and today we’re going to talk about how you can increase your leads and sales by managing your databases of customers and prospects that encounter your business. Every day there is data about people coming your way through your business. How you manage that data will determine how many more leads and sales you have versus your competitors.

The Dollars are In Your Database

By data, I mean the contact information, people’s names, phone numbers, addresses and permissions to communicate with them in the future. In our marketing agency, we work with thousands of businesses and every day we walk into the situations where businesses have really not started a foundation or a process to manage their data and the businesses that actually incorporate a really good sound foundation into managing their contact data really gives their marketing team an advantage and edge to communicate and market their unique proposition to their target audiences. You can ask for referrals, let them know about promotions relevant to them, target your advertising to them, and much more.

Grow Your Database by Training Your Sales Team to Record Prospect and Customer Information

For example, a prospect walks into the business and the salesperson starts talking to them. We train our sales teams to take that person’s contact information, they’ll take the cell number, email and their name with a few notes about who it is. It’s important because as that person transitions into a customer, as that person buys some of our inventory or uses our service department, we want to market to them. We want to recognize them for being a client. We want to ask them for referrals, and we need that information after the initial salesperson has made that contact. And a lot of times sales managers or business owners, forget to really enforce that with their sales teams that we need to collect information. It’s very important.

Statistically, we know with working with companies across many industries that people are open to giving their email and their cell number provided that they know that it’s relevant information that’s coming to them and that you’re not going to abuse that privilege.

How Navigator Marketing Got 36% Uptake During a Promotion Using A Business’ Database

We worked with a business that didn’t have a lot of email addresses but they had a database of 5,000 clients over the last couple of years with phone numbers. We did a calling campaign with a robotic calling process. The uptake was 36% of people coming in asking about the promotion. That was incredible. That database had never been talked to or communicated to because they didn’t have emails or a system to communicate with them. Imagine if we could do that for your business. You may not be communicating with them right now, but at some point in the future, you’ll want to run a campaign that relies on having the right data, knowing if it’s a cell number or home number, knowing what their email address is and having their mailing address because you can communicate with them in each one of those formats.

If you’re sales person reading this, it is critical that you get their cell number, email, and proper mailing address. Even as a prospect that’s not yet a customer because your marketing team will be following up with them soon after that initial contact to support your process in closing a deal and ongoing to recognize, reward and ask for referrals in the future. So remember, the dollars are in your database.

There are people coming into your Business through:

a) online applications

b) online contact forms

c) appointments

d) walk-ins

e) front desk inquiries

f) social media inquiries

g) on your website going to product pages and services pages

h) entering contests

i) visiting tradeshow booths

j) referring friends to your Business

k) Texts into the Business

l) Google Maps & Google Profile texts into the Business


Here’s an example of some of the ways Navigator Marketing would use that Customer & Prospect data to increase your sales:

Car Dealership Database – Application Pages

We take the emails of the people who apply online for financing – and we set up a simple program to collect their emails into email software.

When that individual hits submit, they will be sent a timed email sequence that helps move them along the sales funnel with your business while they wait for your sales team to respond to them by phone.

The email sequence will include:

  1. Thank you email. We are so excited you are one step closer to driving away in your next vehicle. Our sales team will be in touch shortly. We word these differently for subprime prospects so they feel they are closer to being approved.
  2. Affirmation Email. Sent a few hours after they received the thank you email. It will include a short email from you and 2 great customer testimonials to re-affirm they are making the right decision to work with your business. They may be filling out online forms at your competitors too. What’s going to make you stand out from them?
  3. The 3rd email. This would influence them to go to your inventory to choose their vehicle of choice. This way they are emotionally connected to a vehicle at your dealership and are bringing them to your inventory page.

While they are on your website (if your marketing agency/programming team set it up), it has coding that tracks this online visitor.

Now everywhere that online visitor goes on the internet, he/she will see your business advertising (if & where you are advertising online). For a Dealership client, we would make sure the advertisement is focused on people who applied for financing online. We customize the adverts to be displaying the exact type or category of vehicles they were looking at after they read your 3rd email.

It takes 5 – 7 drips of your message to influence a customer’s attitudes and behaviors. This form of advertising is powerful.

Sometimes it takes prospects 3 -5 months to decide on their purchase. Now you have their email and we as your marketing agency continue to send relevant emails.

Using a Customer Database as a Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

We can place that database into Facebook and other social media and create a:

Custom Audience – based on different segments of your database

Look A Like Audience – audience of people who look like the people who are in your database. (similar interests, geography, economic status, family size)

Now we take your online advertising and we target these custom and lookalike audiences on social media. This makes sure you are advertising your message to the right people – people who want to do business with you. This maximizes your ad spend.

database management retargeting lookalike audience navigator marketing dawn larsen dealership marketing


These are just a couple of examples of how powerful a customer database can be for your business. If you haven’t started collecting information about customers and prospects, the best time to start is now. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a message. Stay tuned and join our Business Brand Breakthrough group on Facebook to learn more.

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