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Mari’s “Facebook 2012 Fan Page Checklist”

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It?s an election year in the United States. A leap year. An Olympic year. And, some folks believe it could very well be our LAST year! (Yikes – I don’t think THAT’s true!)

I do believe 2012 will be a landmark year for sure ? the biggest and best year ever for connecting and monetizing your business through Social Media.

Especially Facebook, as long as you’re well-prepared — and if you take the right actions to get you there.

Did you know that Facebook is credited with reducing the six degrees of separation to just four? We?re now only four people away from anyone we want to know ? anywhere on the globe. That?s because it’s the biggest social network on the planet.

If Facebook was a country, it would have the world’s third largest

Even more important, nearly half of Facebook’s 800 million active users spend close to an hour a day logged on to their favorite social network. That puts over 400 million people right there in front of you on any given day!

But unless you’re prepared to find out all you can about reaching your very best, loyal fans on Facebook, you’re probably leaving a TON of potential business on the table right now.

That’s why I’m offering this brand new, one-time-only webinar to show how you can use Facebook to finally get real, measurable results for your business this year. And you’re invited to join me!

Have you been sidelined because:

  • You keep wasting vast amounts of time day after day, trying to force Facebook to work for you?
  • Your fanpage has totally plateaued… and you have yet to turn a single fan into a paying customer?
  • You’ve been fixated on creating the perfect graphic design for your fanpage, adding apps and all manner of fancy bells and whistles in the hopes that “if you build it, the fans will come”. But they never show up!
  • You get “analysis paralysis” about your fanpage metrics — and freak out if your stats drop from day to day!
  • You’ve tried all kinds of tricks and tactics, blindly going after any old “likes” in an attempt to build your fanbase – but you could count your responses on one hand.
  • You’ve grown weary of shouting into a “black hole” and nobody is listening – as if your messages are getting squashed by the big brands with their grand follower’s lists and big budgets.
  • You’re suffering from “Facebook fatigue” — obsessing over creating the perfect content, but you end up posting too little or too often. And you’re almost ready to give up, but you don’t want to miss out on a huge potential customer base from 100’s of millions of Facebook users.


Bottom line, you want fans to do more than just show up and ‘Like’ you. You want the right amount of TRUE fans and followers who absolutely LOVE what you stand for, they LOVE what you say and hang on your every word… and they LOVE your generosity and how you give them what they need to succeed.


And you’d really like your fans to become your best customers and clients

For that to happen, you need a clear process to monetize your network profitably. Because I can promise you, when you have a large, loyal fanbase and you actually start converting them into paying customers, 2012 will become a landmark year for your business (that’s the BEST kind of landmark!)

Of course, trying to keep up with Facebook’s constant changes and upgrades can make it a challenge to build real authority and reach in your market. Things you were doing a year ago are old hat today.


So here’s the good news!!

I’m offering a brand new, one-time-only webinar on how you can use Facebook to absolutely ROCK your business this year. And I’d like to invite you to join me!

Don’t worry, the one-hour meeting is completely FREE. You’ll learn all about:

  • The 5 keys to guarantee consistent visibility, engagement, and growth on Facebook.
  • The 3 critical daily action steps you MUST include in your social media schedule.
  • The #1 ”convenient” mistake businesses make that stops fans from ever coming back to their page.

PLUS, I have some exciting news to share with you about my brand new course on Facebook Mastery (YAY, it’s almost here!) It’s called EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH™. I’ll share all the latest details with you on the webinar!

So be sure to register right away to save your seat. I truly hope you’ll join us! Remember, even if you’ve taken one of my courses before, things have moved on SO much since then. That’s why I’m offering this free webinar, to get you up to speed with Facebook Marketing for 2012.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the webinar. And hey, while you’re at it, be sure to tell your friends about this free webinar, too – just use any of the social share buttons on this page!

Enter your first name and email below to watch the most popular Facebook webinar of 2012!Includes Transcript, MP3 and bonus PDF download:

Mari’s “Facebook 2012 Fan Page Checklist”

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Be sure to attend this session! When you see what I?ve got to show you, it?ll be easy

for you to see REAL results from your Facebook activities!

Leave me a comment below – I always love to hear from my peeps! I hope you enjoy the Facebook 2012 webinar!

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