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8 Powerful Statistics That Prove Social Media Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Effective

On September 22, 2014    /    Facebook, News, Social Media
8 Powerful Statistics That Prove Social Media Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Effective banner

Word of mouth is a powerful influencer over people’s purchasing habits and the new word of mouth is through social media platforms. Although traditional advertising is still necessary, social media word-of-mouth marketing is necessary to grow leads and sales.

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Top 3 Social Media Tips to Generate More Leads and Sales for Your Business

On July 22, 2014    /    News, Social Media

Top 3 Social Media Tips to Generate More Leads and Sales for Your Business  Here are 3 social media tips to generate more leads and sales for your business. There are huge benefits to using social media, with increased website traffic, online exposure to consumers, leads generated and improved search rankings. You may not have as… View Article

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Valentine’s Day Messages For Business Written, Designed, and Ready to Send!

On February 12, 2014    /    News

There are 2 days left until Valentine’s Day. If you’ve already bought something for that special someone or made reservations at a fancy new restaurant, you may be thinking that your work is done. Brace yourself. It’s not. For these significant others, it’s not about love – it’s about appreciation! What about your clients, customers, coworkers, vendors,… View Article

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Google Hangouts to Grow Your Business

On October 14, 2013    /    News

  Google Hangout Training FREE WEEKLY VIDEO TRAINING from Navigator Marketing & Business Solutions on How TO USE LINKED IN to generate SALES, LEADS AND WEBSITE TRAFFIC, How to use FACEBOOK to GROW YOUR BUSINESS, How to use VIDEO to GENERATE SALES, LEADS AND WEB TRAFFIC for your business. JOIN US ON GOOGLE PLUS- one… View Article

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QR Codes

On July 5, 2013    /    News

Tips on How to Fix Your You Tube Channel That has Changed

On June 18, 2013    /    News

Tips on How to Fix Your You Tube Channel That has Changed   If you haven’t visited your YouTube channel in awhile,  you should go and take a look.  It looks different to say the least! YouTube is forcing you to adopt its new channel design – called You Tube Plus.   That means that if… View Article

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Getting Mobile Website SEO Right is Critical

On June 18, 2013    /    News, Web Design

 Getting Mobile Website SEO Right is Critical From Mobile Marketer Magazine By Chantal  Tode June 18, 2013  Marketers not using search engine optimization best practices in mobile could see a dramatic decrease in traffic to their Web sites from smartphones thanks to changes Google is making in how it ranks mobile search results. Google is… View Article

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Web Design Service Sudbury – Awesome Letter from Navigator Customers

On October 1, 2012    /    News

AWESOME LETTER FROM our clients today.  Recently, an internet virus hit some of our marketing customers’ websites. Our team worked 2 weeks straight day/night helping our customers remove viruses from their sites for free so they could get their businesses up and running. Here’s a letter from Jessica at ABACUS GROUP – “We would like… View Article

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Graphic Design in Sudbury – How Graphic Design Increases Your Sales

On April 16, 2012    /    News

I’ve heard sales people say many times, “Oh just slap a picture of the product sheet write up, that’s all it needs.” It’s unfortunate that some companies and sales people don’t quite understand how impactfull (yes it’s my new word) GRAPHIC DESIGN can be to attracting, generating and closing a sale of a product or service.

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FACEBOOK TIMELINE CHANGES- Top 4 Ways this IMPACTS Marketing Your Business on Facebook

On March 23, 2012    /    Facebook, News

Facebook Timeline will be main stream on all brand pages starting March 30th. Like always, Facebook has implemented guidelines that we must follow, so make sure you don’t break these! It may lead to having your Facebook business page removed. So what are the new guidelines? Well for starters, because you are given a great big cover photo on your Facebook page, you may want to put a bunch of information in there, but don’t!

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A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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