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Mobile Responsive Web Design. Why?

A mobile responsive website from Navigator Marketing will guarantee that your web visitors have information they need, in the mobile format that allows them to take immediate action and easily navigate your website.

The 8 million mobile users want a different user experience when they visit your website than when they are on a regular computer.

Your mobile responsive website content needs to:

  • Capture their attention faster.
  • Provide faster loading times.
  • Offer easy navigation to get your visitor deeper into the website.
  • Make it easy to read and respond to lead generation offers.
  • Allow mobile visitors to quickly tap to call your business.
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Who Needs Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Don't have a website? A mobile website is the most cost effective & quickest way to get your business on the internet.

Already have a website? Well, it's probably not mobile responsive or mobile friendly. Your web visitors can only see one quarter of your web page, so they have to enlarge words over and over and the action buttons are too small for them to use... so your web visitors are getting frustrated.

And locally, 95% of searches from a mobile phone are for local products and services.
87% of those users leave a web page instantly if it's not mobile friendly. So without a mobile friendly website, you are leaving a lot of profit on the table for your competitors.

And if you sell your products and services internationally, it's important to know that key decision makers from developing countries rely solely on their mobile phones and respond well to mobile responsive websites for their internet searches.

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Our Mobile Responsive Web Design Services:

Why your business needs a mobile site:

  • Mobile Website Design
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Website Programming
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Text Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Web Hosting
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Mobile Responsive Web Gallery

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