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Our Services

Mobile Web Design

Great website design includes web copy with strong SEO value that converts people to take action, a strong sales funnel, and the best web design to move people deeper into your website.

WordPress Web Design

Great wordpress web design immediately influences your web visitors to take action: leave their email, make a purchase, get a quote or share socially.

Marketing Strategy

We design monthly a marketing strategy that generates increased PROFILE, LEADS & SALES for our clients. The monthly marketing strategy specifically details what types of marketing

Web Content Strategy

Our well-written SEO web content strategy increases your leads and sales and positively influences your web visitor’s attitudes and behaviours towards your products and services.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

In order for your website and your online presence to stay on the first few pages of the search engines, SEO Search Engine Optimization in a systematic and consistent manner on and off your website monthly.

Staff Training

We ensure that your team understands how to make changes to web content, post photos, update news posts and blogs – quick lists provided.

Marketing Agency

Navigator Marketing Agency is your focused team of experts under one roof with one mission – to help our customers grow their businesses from where they are now to where they want to be.

Social Media

Our powerful social media marketing campaigns build tribes of loyal networks and motivate engagement, viral sharing, positive connectedness to your brand’s products and services.

Electronic Magazines

Electronic Magazines and catalogues turn your costly hard copy product catalogues, and unnecessary product brochures into powerful electronic platforms

Web Hosting

We host thousands of websites from our own hosting servers. You are guaranteed 99.9% uptime with your website hosting. We offer, virus protection updates, daily website backups, domain renewals and unlimited email hosting for your company

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