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Photography — Why is it important?

Photography Photography Photography Photography

There are hundreds of research hours behind "the how and why" of choosing the right photos for your marketing, advertising and educational tools. Our photo shoots are well organized and well-executed and creative while optimizing time and resources. From the boardroom to the shop floor, the Navigator photographer engages your teams' personalities and captures the images that produce IMPACT.

Why Photography?

  • Increases message comprehension
  • Increases message retention
  • Increases eye attraction to your message
  • Increases emotional connection to your message
  • Increases engagement with your call to action
  • Increases focus on your message
  • Generates more sales


"I had a chance to work with Dawn on a couple of consulting projects and found her to be focused, resourceful, and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her company." — Dan KaltiainenOwnerLloyd Research Group

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Types of Photography

You have 3 seconds of your viewer's time to make an IMPACT.

We make those 3 seconds count.

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    Business Portraits

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    eBooks & ePapers

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    Annual Reports

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Photography Gallery

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