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KPI Industrial Controls Inc.


The Challenge:

KPI is an industrial mine supply company providing services in underground mine power, automation controls and instrumentation. The company had a website that had no keyword programming, search engine optimization or visuals on the website that reflected the products, services or culture of the company. The old KPI website did not show up on any Google page listings for any of the company’s key words or services and KPI didn’t show up on Google maps either.

The company was focused on significant growth over the next few years locally and internationally in particular Mexico. They needed tools to communicate their products and services to the mining industry, engage an audience to communicate with long-term and get ranked higher than industry competitors on Google and other search engines.


Navigator’s Solution

The Navigator team interviewed the key KPI stakeholders and managers and key customers to understand the following:

  1. Company vision and mission
  2. Competitive advantage (from their perspective)
  3. Why customers purchase from KPI
  4. Highest revenue generating products and services
  5. The KPI prospecting and sales process.
  6. Research and learn about KPI’s products and services.
  7. Research how mining industry prospects search for and purchase products similar to KPI’s.


Action Steps

The Navigator team generated an online and offline marketing strategy to accomplish:

  1. Develop a branding strategy to internally and externally communicate what the KPI brand represents to the world.
  2. Re-design the old auto-cad logo.
  3. Develop a keyword rich internet presence for key products and services.
  4. Develop a website with key word rich content, product visuals and customer testimonials to position KPI as a leader in their industry.
  5. Develop a video overview of KPI products and services that can be added to ALL online sites and profiles and used as an offline marketing tool at tradeshows events.
  6. Develop an online catalogue of products and services that could be distributed world-wide for 1/5th of the cost of a hard copy catalogue and used at tradeshow and events.
  7. Navigator Marketing haven proven its long-term value is now the Marketing Agency on Call for KPI.


Impact & Results:

  1. 960 % Increase in web traffic.
    Old Website stats for 2010: average monthly 50 web visitors
    New website stats for first 30 days in 2011: average monthly 480 web visitors
    Average stay on website: 4 minutes
    Number of page views per web visitor: 4 pages
  2. Increase in sales locally and internationally.
  3. Increase in employee engagement.
  4. 627% increase in Linked In opt-ins
  5. $10,000 savings in catalogue printing and mail distribution costs.
  6. 400 online eflip catalogue viewers in 30 days
  7. Average 9 daily views of online video.
  8. High praise from KPI’s customers on website design and navigation.


Products and Services

Logo Design

In a short time frame, our team enhanced the old KPI logo, focused on a strong color that and added depth and perspective to it. The ISO certification and processes are an important aspect of the KPI culture so the ISO certification was incorporated into the logo design. We provided KPI with 6 different formats of their logo, a Logo Use Guideline Booklet and an email signature set up and stationary set up with their logo.kpi-logos-navigator-marketing

Corporate Branding & Positioning


Website – Keyword rich domain names

Our team researched all the key words KPI’s prospects, customers, and industry professionals use to search out the products and services they sell. A complete competitor analysis was completed to understand how and why KPI competitors attract their prospects and customers. A final analysis was completed using cutting edge word tracking tools to understand the behaviours and key word searches for online web visitors in KPI’s niche industries. A final report of key words was developed and new domain names were suggested and strategically purchased. KPI now has established a first page listing on all search engines for its key products and services that generate the highest profit for them and in some cases pushing their competitors off the first page of Google.kpi-websites-navigator-marketing

Web hosting

We provide unlimited email signatures, and daily website back up for KPI with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. KPI’s old hosting provider was riddled with constant downtimes and email failures.


Over 150 photos and images were shot, enhanced, tagged and used in multiple marketing formats. The KPI staff was trained on how to capture product shots when devices come into the shop for servicing. The KPI staff was trained on how to file and save key images for company use.

Product & Services Eflip Catalogue

The 12 page double sided Eflip catalogue was created to visually showcase all the KPI key products and services. Full reporting analytics were included in the catalogue to track open rates, social media shares, top page views, top click throughs and calls to action. The online catalogue was uploaded to the KPI website,, all KPI LinkedIn Profiles, Google Maps and the KPI Facebook Fan Page.

Email Sign Up

The KPI website was programmed with email collection software to enable KPI to collect emails to maintain long-term permission based relationship with its prospects. Web visitors can sign up for the KPI Catalogue and newsletter. KPI now has a growing list of interested and engaged web visitors to communicate up-coming specials, new products and services to.

Google Maps

Our team set up a company profile for KPI in Google Maps, added key word programming and the KPI Catalogue and online video to their Corporate Profile. They now rank higher in their Google listings than their competitors locally and internationally in their key product areas.

Linked In Corporate Profiles

We created a corporate profile for KPI complete with a key word programming for Search Engine Optimization. Each product and service is categorized in the Company profile. In addition, the KPI video, Eflip catalogue and any product sheets are attached to the corporate profile. Finally, we designed some rotating advertising on the KPI LinkedIn Corporate Page that drives traffic to their website for their top 3 revenue generating divisions.

Linked In Individual Profiles

Our team designed individual LinkedIn Profiles and a Corporate LinkedIn profile for KPI. The corporate profile includes all the keyword-rich industry terms that KPI’s audience would be searching and all their products and services are listed in their LinkedIn Corporate Profile. Each KPI staff team’s personal profile was redesigned and we used keyword rich information, set up the information so it is easy for people who scan to read it and secured a top 3 listing for each KPI employee in the LinkedIn search database for their keywords.

We trained the KPI staff team on the importance of networking and prospecting on LinkedIn. Each KPI team member grew their LinkedIn connections by 200% in fourteen days. KPI’s General Manager, Bryan Bonsall realized immediately results with LinkedIn.

Facebook Corporate Fan Page

The Facebook Fan Page offers KPI another opportunity to claim internet and Google real estate and push out competitors from the first page search engine listings. The Corporate Fan Book page offers KPI an opportunity to instantly add or update their fans with new products, product discounts or products that are now discontinued. High impact images, continuity with the KPI branding and using the 5 key mini photos focus the facebook fan to the key KPI offerings and if clicked, the link drives the fan to the KPI website.

Online Video

You Tube is the 2nd largest search engine and holds a lot of value in the search engine presence for any company selling products and services locally or internationally. Having a video on your tube and other video sharing sites helps solidify your company’s presence and first page listing on the search engines. With a very small marketing budget, we developed a script, used our professional voice over talent to add the narration to the video and created an eye catching video with several calls to action. The online video was then uploaded to You Tube, keyword optimized for search engines, tagged, titled and a couple of different titled versions of the video were uploaded to you tube and other video sharing sites. The video was embedded on the KPI website and the video link placed on the KPI LinkedIn profiles, the KPI Facebook Fan Page and several other mining directory sites. The video enjoys high viewership with great feedback from viewers.

On Hold Voice Over

Navigator wrote the On-hold phone script for the KPI phone systems and used our professional voice over talent to add narration to the script.

Mining Database

Our team worked with all KPI employees to develop a comprehensive mining database of contacts that include key decision makers and their email and phone contacts. The database is enhanced and cleaned up after each tradeshow and marketing campaign. The database that we’ve created now is over 5,000 mining stakeholders world-wide that is in a format that can be used in many online tools and technologies to develop long-term relationships and motivate sales.

Mining Directories

KPI’s key products and services were listed on all major mining directories with links back to the KPI website, LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page, SlideShare and key contact information and product and service offerings. The website analytics inside the website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages easily identify which mining directories drive the most effective web traffic.

Online Newsletter

Our team designed a high impact online newsletter for KPI. The goal was to maintain the KPI brand, communicate KPI’s key services in a very soft sell and help industry decision makers keep on top of the power, automation and instrumentation industry with Industry News. In the first issue, KPI sent out the KPI Services Catalogue and announced the new website. In subsequent issues, KPI focused on Industry updates and asking for referrals to the newsletter. As a result, the KPI newsletter database continues to grow and the reporting analytics within the system offer key business intelligence on viewer behaviour in reading, sharing and clicking through the newsletter to the website. It also provides a listing of bad emails.

Embedded Video Email Signature

KPI, like many mining supply companies sends out hundreds of emails per day to key mining industry decision makers. Their email signatures provided key contact information but nothing else. Navigator Marketing reformatted the KPI video and put it into a format that can be added to your staff’s email signatures and easily pass through strong spam filters. The result is a high impact image that communicates the KPI brand with a strong call to action to “Click the image to watch our brief video.” The results- a very high uptake on video email views. The email video comes complete with reporting analytics. KPI can see how many people viewed their email video, how long they watched, what time they watched and if they clicked through to the website.

Customer Comments

“KPI uses Navigator Marketing as our Marketing Agency on Call. KPI was growing locally and internationally. Our prospects needed to find technical information to make decisions. The Navigator team were great to work with.Despite the highly technical and industrial nature of our business, they were able to research and determine our customers’ needs and the team produced a high impact website, electronic flip services catalogue, online video and social media profiles for our company.

Our customers love the new look, especially how our information is so accessible and easy to navigate. The Navigator team exceeded our expectations.”

Bryan Bonsall
General Manager
KPI Industrial Controls Inc.

KPI logo 1 (2c)


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