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Steinman Financial Network


Steinman Financial Network is a consulting firm specializing in financial planning and succession planning for the farming industry. Located in Wyoming Ontario, their geographical service area spans a large distance from London, Sarnia, Wyoming and Norfolk . The company has been in business for twenty years but didn’t have any presence on the internet and the old traditional direct mail marketing tactics weren’t as effective in getting people to workshops.

The company was looking for a brand identity that would position them well in the farming community and communicate their unique value they bring to the farming community with respect to Farm Succession Planning. They were also convinced that an internet presence would attract more prospects and customers to their company and enable them to better service and build relationships with their existing customers.


Navigator Marketing’s Solution

The Navigator team interviewed Steve Steinman and researched the Financial Planning and Insurance industries to understand the following:

  1. Company vision and mission
  2. Competitive advantage (from their perspective)
  3. Why customers purchase from Steinman Financial Network
  4. Highest revenue generating products and services
  5. Best regions for prospecting new clients.
  6. The Steinman Financial prospecting and sales process.
  7. Research and learn about Steinman’s products and services.
  8. Research how farming industry prospects search for and purchase products similar to Steinman Financial Networks.
  9. Steinman’s industry competitors in Ontario and across Canada.


Action Steps

The Navigator team generated an online and offline marketing strategy to accomplish:

  1. Develop a branding strategy to internally and externally communicate what Steinman Financial’s brand represents their target audience.
  2. Create a logo and corporate look and feel.
  3. Develop a keyword rich internet presence for key products and services.
  4. Develop a website with key word rich content, product visuals and customer testimonials to position KPI as a leader in their industry.
  5. Incorporated many photos of the business owner, Steve Steinman to help establish a relationship with web visitors and garner recognition and profile for his extensive industry knowledge.
  6. Develop a video overview of Steinman Financial’s products and services that can be added to ALL online sites and profiles and used as an offline marketing tool at tradeshows events.
  7. Develop a high impact lead generation piece that web visitors could download and start a permission based relationship with Steinman Financial to send future industry updates to.
  8. Developed an Industry Updates Newsletter to attract new clients, build stronger relationships with new clients and maintain existing relationships with existing clients.
  9. Steinman now uses Navigator Marketing as their Marketing Agency on Call.


Impact & Results:

  1. High impact brand for Steinman Financial Networks – well positioned in farming industry (online)
  2. Instant uptake for web traffic – 229 qualified & unique visitors in first 20 days site went live.
  3. 3% of referrals to the Steinman website came from their facebook Fan Page and their Linked In Profile.
  4. Average stay on website:7 minutes (longer than the industry 3 minute average)
  5. Increase in interest and through the targeted regions.
  6. Average 10 daily views of online video.


Customer Comments:

“Dawn, all I can say is I’m not worthy. Wow, great work.”

Steve Steinman, CFP
Steinman Financial Network
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