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Readers’ Choice Names as Sudbury’s Best Web Design Company for 2015

On October 9, 2015    /    Business, News, Web Design
Dawn Larsen Navigator Marketing Web Design Sudbury

Sun Media Sudbury has named Navigator Marketing the best web design company  for 2015.  Navigator Marketing Agency was chosen by their customers and community based on the results they achieve on their high converting web and mobile-responsive website design in 2015.   Navigator’s web design agency has been leading the industry with unique and high converting web designs used across multiple industries for lead generation and increased sales.

How the Reader’s Choice Awards is a Different Web Design Award

Typically, web design competitions, like the “Webby Awards” are rated based on design quality, stock quality, design analysis, project analysis, and ease of access.  In the case of the Reader’s Choice Award sponsored by Sun Media, a business’ customers, prospects and the general public tend to also include additional important criteria such as sales results, web traffic, personalized service, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery.

High Converting Websites with Great Visual Impact

One of the Reader’s Choice voters made this comment about why they supported Navigator Marketing in the voting.  “I wanted Navigator Marketing to create a website design for my company, the FrameMaker. I wanted Navigator to make the FrameMaker site a really high converting website with great visual impact and most importantly to rank high on the internet search engines in the framing business in Sudbury.  Navigator Marketing exceeded my expectations as now when one Googles “framing in Sudbury” The FrameMaker comes up 1st or 2nd on the search engines every time,” Giorgio Lagana, Owner of the FrameMaker.

Being considered one of the best in any industry is a difficult challenge given the fast-pace of new innovations and trends.  Web design companies face this challenge and that of competing with those on the fringe like self-taught friends who say they can do what the professionals do to help small business.

The Benefit of Using a Professional Web Design Company

The industry of basement programmers and self-taught friends do the most economic damage to small businesses these days. We see their bad work every day when a business comes in for help after the fact.  Small businesses lose thousands of sales per year when they go with these basement programmers because their websites designs are littered with programming errors, design mistakes and worse yet, their programmer does not incorporate a built-in sales funnel into their website design.

About the Author - Dawn Larsen

dawnAs the Director of Business, Internet & Social Media marketing, Dawn leads all consulting, marketing strategy and creative projects for Navigator marketing & Business Solutions. Dawn is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in custom WordPress web design, corporate marketing strategy and graphic design for business.

A leader in internet and social media marketing, Dawn has helped thousands of business owner and managers leverage the power of the Internet to generate increased profile, leads and sales. Dawn regularly speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America, as well as being a regular on radio shows and business magazines.

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