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Video Email Marketing: Best Software to Easily Send & Record Video Emails

On June 28, 2019    /    Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, News, SEO, Social Media

How to Send Video Email to Prospects and Customers [.MP3 Download – Click Here]

Video Emails are Powerful for Any Industry

Have you ever wanted to send personalized video emails to your prospects and customers? Sending a video email is a powerful way to increase conversions, brand awareness and help educate your customers. Video is already the most effective way to get your message across. No matter your industry, video can convey your brand’s message quickly and effectively.

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Including video in your email increases click-through rates by 200 – 300% (source) 


Video Email for Car, Boat, RV Dealerships

Video email is a powerful tool for car, boat and RV dealership sales teams. You can record your sales team doing vehicle walkarounds or announcements. You can send this personalized video email to your customers with the walkaround that’s relevant to them. If a customer is doing a test drive, you can record that and send it as a video email to the spouse so they don’t miss out. These are just a few examples of how video email can really work for dealerships.

Ways You Can Use Video Email in Your Business

  • Appointment Reminder – Navigator sends our clients video emails before scheduled meetings. We’ve gotten great results from doing that, and fuller meetings.


  • Thank You – If someone makes a purchase or registers for your event to engage with them. You can say “Thanks for registering. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the first day.”


  • To Remarket – If someone has looked at your services but hasn’t purchased. You need to ease any objections by emphasizing the main selling points of your product/service. Many people miss information when they’re reading so sending a video email is powerful for conversions. Just say “I see that you’ve been looking at our information. I just want to tell you a little bit more about it. If you’re interested, please click here.”


  • After you send a proposal – follow-up with a video email in the next 24 hours saying “Just touching base. I’m wondering if you’ve read the proposal or if you have any questions?” TIP: These software tools let you track when they open it so you know whether they watched it. If so, you know if they watched it all the way through or if they exited early and missed some key points.

How to Send Video Emails to Customers and Prospects

Video Emails can be tricky to send without the right tools…

You can’t just attach a video in an email because not all email browsers (Outlook, Hotmail, etc) will display it properly. It will end up as a huge downloadable file which doesn’t work well. You can send youtube links and they will show up in the email, but that’s only if the person has Gmail.

…This is how to properly send out a Video Email

There’s a couple of solutions to make a video email that performs well for your business. The first is to include an image in your email, preferably the thumbnail of your video with a call to action to click here to watch. You link that photo to the URL of your video. While this could work for you if you just need to send a couple of video emails occasionally, this is a limited option.

The best way to send a video email is by using some easy-to-use software tools. These let you record or upload a video, send to lists of contacts, integrate with your existing CRM, provide powerful analytics and many nice features. The videos you include will autoplay right when your email gets opened. You can customize the whole look of it to really get the most out of your email campaigns. It is very inexpensive to send video emails (as low as 0 – $20) and is money well invested. These tools are easy to get started using.

DOWNLOAD: Best Video Email Software Guide (click here)


Best Video Email Software to Record, Send, Track Videos in Emails

Navigator has spent a lot of money and time testing video email software for our clients. We’ve put together a list of the Top 6 Video Email Software so you can get started today. Click here to get this free download.

These software tools have many powerful features:

✓ You can record in-app and some have a teleprompter feature to display your script on the screen while you record.


✓ When your email is opened, the software automatically converts your video to the best size for their viewing experience and plays it right away.


✓ Green Screen option with AI so you can change the background in your video. Messy office? No problem.


✓ Track email opens, clicks, video watch time, whether it was forwarded, and more.


✓ Add team members to your video email dashboard for collaboration.


✓ Easy to use. Drag and drop email designers (add buttons, your branding) and some have a chrome extension so you don’t even need to leave your current tab.


✓ Video Email software that integrates with your existing CRM (like Salesforce) to sync contacts and data about email campaigns.


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Thank you for reading this week’s blog, I hope you found it to be of value. Video email really is such a powerful and cost-effective tool to have in your marketing toolset. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or send me a message. Remember to join our Business Brand Breakthrough group on Facebook for more proven marketing strategies and resources for your business. I host a LIVE Marketing/Advertising Q&A weekly and we have a great community of like-minded business owners. Hope you will join us! I look forward to getting a video email from you soon!

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