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Web Design: 10 Most Important Website Elements Revealed

These 10 Web Design Elements are crucial for your businesses website to generate increased profile, leads, and sales. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook these and don’t have a well-designed website. Having a well-designed website should be a top priority for any business. Read on to uncover the 10 Most Important Web Design Elements.

(Source: Web Credibility Research from Stanford)

The 10 Most Important Website Elements

1. Lead Magnet at top of the page to generate qualified leads

This website designed for SLV Homes by Navigator Marketing encompasses all 10 of these website elements.  A lead magnet is meant to grab the web visitor’s attention with something they can download for free.

SLV Homes offers a pdf that visitors looking for tips about kitchen, bathroom renovations, and home building can download. In exchange, they give their email and permission to communicate with them in the future.

Lead Magnet on Website

This lead magnet is a powerful tool for SLV Homes to use to open a relationship with a possible customer vs. them going to a competitor. Follow up emails can be sent to market to this person. The best part is it took no work other than the initial setup for their website to generate qualified leads on autopilot.


2. Strong visual branding

(Source: Adobe)

It only takes a web visitor a few seconds to form an opinion about your website and decide whether to leave. The first impression is important and strong visual branding in your web design is essential. You must entice visitors enough to want to stay on the site or perform a call to action. Strong visual branding also serves to communicate your brand. These visual elements evoke certain feelings and work to establish a relationship with visitors.


3. Sales Funnel that leads the web visitor through the sales journey

A sales funnel is the journey that visitors take on the way to buying your product or service. It’s important your web design includes this.

Awareness Interest Decision Action Sales Funnel

There are 4 stages to every sales funnel – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

First, you must catch a visitor’s attention. This is done with strong visual elements and web copy.

Then comes getting your visitor interested in what you’re selling. This isn’t done by blasting sales messages but rather by showcasing the unique benefits of your product/service and gaining the visitor’s trust. Your web design must communicate these clearly and succinctly.

Now that you have their attention, your web design must get them to desire your product/service. So make sure your website shows off your product in the best light. After all, people associate good web design with better product quality. Use strong visuals and social proof. People take cues from others so make sure your web design include things like testimonials and reviews to incite desire and remove doubt.

Finally, the ultimate goal for your website is to generate you sales. Having a good combination of call to actions and adding just the right sense of urgency will increase sales. Use clear, concise language and make it as easy as possible for the user to take action.


4. Strong web copy/content

Going hand in hand with web design, quality web copy is essential for your website to work as it should and make you money. The right web copy will help you:

  • convey your message to visitors – information about your business, products/services, and unique value proposition. Focus on the benefits and do so clearly (easy to read – use small sections, bullets, optimized headers).
  • improve your websites search engine rankings – the right keywords, placed in the right places, help to dramatically boost your website’s position on search engines like Google. Even things like the size of headings affect whether Google reads it or not.
  • Build trust and reputation – give visitors confidence and eliminate objections to your product/service
  • Make money – by converting visitors into customers by encouraging them to take action


Copywriting requires talent and is time-consuming. But it is well worthwhile. There are well-reviewed Professional copywriters will work along with you to create unique and impactful personalized web content. Remember, web copy should persuade web visitors that your company has what they need.


5. A strong F.A.Q. section for search engine optimization (SEO)

Frequently Asked Question pages are an absolute treasure trove for boosting your websites search engine ranking. There are many opportunities to include high rated keywords while answering visitor’s questions at the same time.


The website Navigator designed for SLV Homes has a FAQ section fully search engine optimized. The headers include the right keywords (that people are actually searching for) and are formatted properly to be picked up by search engines. It’s important to research the write keywords before making your web design.

Frequently Asked Questions for Search Engine Optimization

6. Strong & Visible Calls to Action throughout the website

Your website must have many visible call to action buttons. These serve to direct users, improve conversion rates and get them to take the action you want. How are visitors supposed to know what to do if your website lacks CTAs?

There should be clear call to actions throughout your web pages so that action is only a click away for the visitor. Use verbs in your call to action button copy to create a sense of urgency (“Get”, “Activate”, “Redeem”). As mentioned, focus on the benefits! Don’t use vague language (Say “Buy” or “Download” instead of “Submit”).

7. High impact photo gallery to showcase your work

Strong Visual Elements on Website      Photo Gallery on Website


8. A blog full of SEO rich and helpful content for web visitors looking for your product/service

Web design that includes a blog which is updated regularly with quality posts relevant to your audience will perform much better on search engine rankings.

Blog on Website

A blog on your site will keep visitors browsing longer. It also gives other websites a reason to link to yours which boosts your ranking. Most importantly you can load it with specific keywords that your customers are searching for.


9. Social media integration

Web design and your social media should work together to promote your business online. You can include social buttons to make web pages easily sharable. Also, include links and snippets of your social media pages to encourage visitors to follow you there.


10. Mobile responsive, with content that adapts to any screen size

A mobile responsive website serves a slightly different version of your web design depending on the device it’s loaded on. If your website isn’t responsive, it can be very difficult for a mobile visitor to navigate it. A mobile responsive website loads faster and is easier to read. It give an option to call the business directly from their smartphone. It lets you display different content depending on screen size. Click here to learn more about mobile responsive web design and check if your website is responsive.


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